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Robin Thicke Wishes He Was In The Beatles

robin thicke

Robin Thicke, he of ‘Blurred Lines’ and… that’s about it, continues to say stupid shit. This time? He wishes he was part of The Beatles because he really loves Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band because it was all about “experimenting”. #deepthoughts

From an interview with Spotify, in which Robin was asked which band in history he’d have liked to be part of, he said:

“The Beatles! I’d have loved to have been part of making Sgt Pepper.

“That really is an immaculate piece of art – the songs, the melodies, the production, the creation itself is so pure.

“These are not artists worrying about the radio or the old fans or the new fans or the record label – they’re out there, they’re experimenting.”

First of all, I’m going to say something that Catherine St. Ives isn’t going to like: The Beatles are overrated. Everyone points to The Beatles as the pinnacle of all music but there are about 100 artists who were just as if not more influential and innovative. But okay, that’s fine, I can recognize their influence in music at large. But second of all, Robin Thicke… no. That’s it, just “no”. Maybe he was smoking a little too much weed when he gave this interview.

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  • And John Lennon was a mean, horrible person who was hugely overrated and believed his own hype. Sorry, rant over!

    • John was a brilliant song writer/poet, mediocre musician, world class assbag of a human. Much of his music centered on his sense of abandonment from when his father split. He did the same thing to his first wife/son. Had numerous affairs with other women while he was with Yoko… The Beatles were good, but paled in comparison to the Grateful Dead, Jeff Airplane, CSNY, Doors, Dylan, Jimmy Hendrix and about a thousand others

      • The Beatles certainly do not pale in comparison to those artists (all of whom waited with bated breath to hear what the Beatles would do next), and anyone who thinks the Beatles are overrated does not know the first thing about rock or its evolution. By the way, that guy’s name is “Jimi.” Before the Beatles, there was rock n roll (Chuck Berry, Jerry Lee Lewis, Buddy Holly, Little Richard). The Beatles were the ones who refined that style of music into what we call rock, and they established the templates for most genres of rock music. No band pushed rock forward as fast in as little time as the Beatles did. The Beatles went from Please Please Me to Sgt. Pepper in the span of four years. That is astonishing. In listening to that sharp ascent into sophisticated ideas, you are not just bearing witness to the progression of a band, you are listening to the birth of modern music. They and the Beach Boys were the first big bands to write all of their own material, and they and the Beach Boys pioneered the idea of the rock album as a serious, cohesive work of art. Though George Martin was great producer in his own right, the Beatles were the first band to take a hands-on approach in the studio, and they introduced numerous recording techniques that are still used today.

      • Tell autocorrect on my blackberry his name was Jimi…. Btw, The bands I mentioned hardly waited with bated breath to see what the Beatles would do next…. They were too busy creating a unique sound and becoming some of the best musicians on the planet.

      • Actually they did, and there isn’t one band from the sixties that’s worth a damn who weren’t waiting to see what the Beatles would do next. Read some books, and watch some documentaries. There’s quotes from virtually every important artist stating as much. Beatles album releases were a major event for everyone. Shortly after Sgt. Pepper was released, Hendrix opened a show with a cover of the title track. Dylan was an admirer first and a friend later.

      • Seriously? Dude, did I somehow wrong you in a past life? You always have a bullshit response, usually implying that you are the intellectual superior when someone differs in opinion. You aren’t nearly as intelligent or as learned as you believe. Btw, I’ve read the books, seen the documentaries, and with the exception of Jimi and Morrison, I’ve spoken to all the artists I mentioned earlier. Goofy turd!

      • If you know these artists, then you should know that what I said was true and that you were foolish to argue with me. I don’t know about everything, but I do know a lot about rock music. Also, I’m not everyone’s intellectual superior, but am yours…not that that really distinguishes me from countless other people.

      • Like your asinine comments about the testimony of Randy Phillips and the judge in the AEG/Jackson case? Please, I’ll put my sheepskins against yours any day. My original point was, that while they might like the Beatles, they certainly weren’t waiting to see what they would do next. The artists I mentioned put the music first and forged a new era.

      • Did you even read the article? Did you see the part where David Crosby said: “The Byrds never tried to imitate The Beatles, ever. We always had more ideas than we needed about how to do it our own way.” I never said those musicians didn’t like The Beatles…..

      • When I stated that other bands were waiting to see what the Beatles did next, I wasn’t saying that other bands were imitating them. I was saying that they were the most highly regarded and influential (influence being a different thing than imitation) band and breaking new ground at a higher rate than anyone else. Here, I will post the really obvious quotes to which I was referring:

        “You couldn’t help but have it change your whole world. Think about where we were coming from, man – the kind of things you expected from bands before was…you know…Paul Revere And The Raiders. It was dim. And then here was this blazing, glorious panoply of colour and sounds – it was fantastic. No-one had done an album where the songs felt so right together. They were way ahead of us. When I was a kid, we’d be standing around in some burger joint and somebody would put Day Tripper on, and I would get competitive about it. I would feel we were almost nipping at their heels. But by the time they got Sgt Pepper – man, they were so far ahead of everybody … they hadn’t stretched the envelope, they’d thrown the envelope away. But it was inspiring, all I wanted to do was approach my music with the same freedom.”

        “They (The Beatles) were our heroes. They were absolutely what we thought we wanted to do. We listened to every note they played, and savored it, and rubbed it on our foreheads, and were duly affected by it….Clem walked in one afternoon with that first Beatles album, Meet the Beatles. He put it on, and I just didn’t know what to think. It absolutely floored me- “Those are folk-music changes, but it’s got rock and roll backbeat. You can’t do that, but they did! Holy yikes!”

        Interestingly, the part about the Beatles being so far ahead of everyone and the way that everyone was nevertheless motivated to try to keep up with them is almost word for word what Brian Wilson said about them. It was partially that pursuit that drove him over the edge.
        As for my comments on the AEG case, I looked back at them, and there is nothing asinine about them. You seemed to think that I care about the specifics of the legal system. I was really just ranting that a judge ought to be willing and able to strike such irrelevant testimony from the record for all of the reasons I gave. My final comment to you was dripping with sarcasm. Some questions are rhetorical. I was implying that since it is already possible for some testimony to be stricken, then something could be done so that clearly irrelevant testimony (whether or not it is hearsay) could be stricken in civil cases. Just so you know, the guy who made the shiny time machine cars was named “DeLorean.”


    Yes, The Beatles were among “the first”. They were NOT the best (that would be Led Zeppelin).

    • I doubt even Robert Plant would agree with that. He is a huge Beatles fan and cried when they split. However, I agree that Zeppelin are one of the very few bands who put together as many great albums in a row as the Beatles.

  • The White Album is where it’s at. Changed ma life! Album 1 of 2 in particular.

  • Oh man bring back rock n roll! As a rock, metal fan I am so sick of the music today with all this auto-sound crap that makes even the worst singer sound pretty good and there is a lot of crappy singers/songs out there! You can’t even find a good rock station on the radio anymore!! Nothing like a good rock and roll band with real instruments! I wonder if rock will ever make a huge comeback again! :(

    • Yeah man today’s music is crap, oldies is so much better, why listen to Beyoncé or Regina Spektor when you can have the Monkees? Ugh every single artist that has ever played before the 2000s is so much better :( every single one :( ugh :(

  • The Beatles are actually the most UNDERRATED band of all time. Thats how groundbreaking, good, and timeless they are. Day Tripper could be released today and sound like a new band.

  • …and those 100 artists were all influenced by, you guessed it, THE BEATLES. Hows about naming some of those influential artists, lazy writer? You shouldn’t say such things without presenting examples… like 100 of them.

  • As a resident of Liverpool, UK — yes, the Beatles are overrated and are given way too much importance, especially rounds these parts. If I don’t see another Magical Mystery Tour bus in my life it’ll be too soon. Anyway, the Beatles. Were they good? No doubt. Were they THAT good? Haha nope.

  • They were “True” musicians! As a guitarist and pianist; I am overwhelmed by their sheet music when I want to attempt to be in their world. Very difficult music to play! And, don’t forget their Svengali, George Martin, the genius behind all that lovely music!

  • I definitely don’t think The Beatles are overrated…
    but i do think robin thicke needs to shut up.

  • Yup, John Lennon treated women like dirt, abandoned his son, donated money to the IRA, whined on about animal rights and poverty yet had a huge property empire and used one of his houses to store his collection of real fur coats.

    Imagine no war, said the man who funded terrorism and slept in a nice bed in a hotel for “peace”.

    Biggest fraud of the 60s – and there are thousands to choose from.

    • Abso-fuckin’-lutely. I still love the music, but seriously, what a bad man. I swept it under the rug in my mind due to blaming drugs as I often do (cocaine all day & night with Harry Nilsson, oi!), but shit, let’s tell it like it is. “Imagine” – what a CROCK.

  • This argument goes around and around and around again and again.

    Who is rock? What is rock? What is pop? Who influenced who?

    Listen, everyone in music influenced everyone else in music – period.

    By the 60’s the rock revolution was on from pop rock, to party rock, to rock ballads, Motown rock, and on and on — you have Elvis Presley, Rolling Stones, the Beatles, Roy Orbison, Beach Boys, Kinks, Animals, Temptations, Four Tops, The Supremes, The Yardbirds, The Who, Bob Dylan — all by 1966 when the Beatles performed their last live concert, (not to mention all the 50s forerunners Elvis, Fats Domino, Chubby Checker, Chuck Berry, Little Richard, to name just a few).

    From 1967 – 1969 these amazing names had joined the major music scene – Jefferson Airplane, The Grateful Dead, The Doors, Cream, Steppenwolf, Led Zeppelin, The Byrds, The Animals, Frank Zappa, Van Morrison, The Hollies, Pink Floyd, Three Dog Night, Procol Harum, Moody Blues, The Troggs, Iron Butterfly, Black Sabbath, Yes, and hundreds more.

    Rock had split into so many sub-genres, almost as many as bands — acid rock, metal, psychedelic, blues, R&B, pop, dance, ballad, art rock, beat rock, funk, grassroots, folk, and fifty more.

    So who can say who had the BIGGEST influence — it was a movement and it took everything and everyone.

    The Beatles certainly are NOT among the most talented musicians in these lists, but their “pop” appeal drew large numbers into paying more attention to all the other kinds of rock out there. They were certainly prominent promoters of rock-n-roll and the rock culture — but to think they were the impetus behind many of these other bands is foolish. So many of these other bands did their own thing in their own way.

    It’s like trying to argue what fruit had the most influence on fruit lovers — c’mon – some like apples, some like oranges, some like grapes and some like kiwis.

    Good Lord, I’m glad we have ALL this music — music is awesome and I’m glad for all musicians who contributed to it.