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Robin Thicke Was Arrested for Marijuana Possession

Photo: Robin Thicke

This story is adorable.

So R&B singer/songwriter Robin Thicke was busted for pot possession after he lit up in an SUV in midtown. (Duuuuhhhh.)

He was arrested at 12:25 EST yesterday afternoon. According to reports, another person was in the vehicle—in the driver’s seat, since you were wondering!—but he or she was not charged.

Fortunately, Thicke’s arrest was good-natured and hilarious! Crazy Days and Nights:

He was sitting in a passenger seat in an Escalade when police walked by and saw him smoking a joint. They then arrested him and charged him with possession of pot.

While he was being arrested, lots of police came up and asked him for his autograph and posed for photos with him, which basically shows you the ridiculousness of the arrest.

Oh, Robin Thicke! You lovable scamp! You can’t even get arrested without charming the pants off everyone around you, can you?

I can just picture the off-duty blue-and-whites swarming. “Hey, it’s that guy! Alan Thicke’s son!” and letting Robin try out their walkie-talkies. D’aw.

As you might know, I try to jump all over every possible opportunity to play my favorite “Thicke” video. (Yes, my coworker Ed got sick of this song real quick.)

If this video doesn’t scream “marijuana,” nothing does:

“On my loot! Shoes! My shirt! My crew! My mind! My father’s last name!”

(Image via NY Daily News.)

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