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Okay, We Get It Already: Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez Are BFF

taylor swift selena gomez

In case you missed the memo, Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez are all up in each other’s asses. Not literally, perverts. They’re just BFFs. They’re so close, they’re nearly sisters! Taylor influenced Selena’s new album, rolled her eyes when she gave Justin a kiss at the VMAs and posted a ‘Happy Birthday’ message for her on Twitter, complete with the above picture of them posing with a mermaid statue. Aw, friendship!

I don’t really have  a problem with these two being besties – I mean, if I did I would be kind of a weirdo because who cares who someone else is friends with? – but I will say one thing: I feel bad for Demi Lovato. She basically got dumped by Selena and now Selena’s hanging out with Taylor all the time. DRAMAAAA!

Here’s Taylor’s message for Selena on Twitter:


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