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Selena Gomez Owes Her “Mature” Sound To Taylor Swift, I Guess

Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez believes her new music is much more “mature” than her previous releases. I suppose technically that’s the case. After all, she wasn’t always openly propositioning men for sex in her songs, really. Still, this new sound would never have been possible were it not for the help of Taylor Swift, Selena’s BFF and apparently her musical hero, as well. Listening to Taylor’s new album, Red, as well as Britney Spears‘ latest, managed to push her own music to the next level.

From CNN:

“The past year and a half has been really transitional for me, just personally, as well as transitioning into becoming a woman. I still feel like I’m 15 sometimes and then other times, I’m wanting to feel comfortable in my body and my skin.

“I was able to have full creative control over it. Before, I would have maybe a month or two to record an album, and I’d have to do my series at the same time and tour on the weekends. I wasn’t in the right mindset to fully give my all.”

Well… okay. I still don’t think I’d consider her music to be “mature”, and while I love a few of her singles – I actually like ‘Come and Get It’ and ‘Love You Like a Love Song’ was classic – I still always feel like I’m listening to a Disney star, or a former Disney star, or a little girl trying to be a big one. Maybe that’s just me – she seems to be doing well enough!

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