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Iceland Threw Bam Margera In Jail For Being An Asshole

bam margera

Well, not exactly. We all know Bam Margera is an ass, but did you know he totaled a rental car in Iceland and then basically said “Fuck it!” and refused to pay for it? He rented a Toyota Land Cruiser from a Hertz last year and took it back all mangled and then left without so much as an apology. That’s why, when he headed back to the country this week, he was arrested as soon as he hit Keflavik International Airport. HAHA!

From TMZ:

Bam eventually remedied the situation (after cutting a huge check) — and was released from custody.

But the best part of the saga was the incredible, probably-drunken post-arrest interview he gave to a Icelandic newssite …  in which he ADMITS to trashing the hell out of the car.

“I kicked the door in because I was pissed one night … and then there was a scratch over there that they had to replace the whole panel for,” Bam said.

There’s more — “The back got hit, and then there was … I’ve been painting like with oil paints so oil paints get everywhere so there was like blue paint all over the inside of the car.”

So what’s the lesson here? DON’T LET BAM BORROW YOUR CAR!!!

Um, WHO DOES THAT TO A RENTAL CAR? And who ADMITS that but also admits he didn’t bother to pay for it? Man, what an idiot.