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Bam Margera

Iceland Threw Bam Margera In Jail For Being An Asshole

bam margera

Well, not exactly. We all know Bam Margera is an ass, but did you know he totaled a rental car in Iceland and then basically said “Fuck it!” and refused to pay for it? He rented a Toyota Land Cruiser from a Hertz last year and took it back all mangled and then left without so much as an apology. That’s why, when he headed back to the country this week, he was arrested as soon as he hit Keflavik International Airport. HAHA!

From TMZ:

Bam eventually remedied the situation (after cutting a huge check) — and was released from custody.

But the best part of the saga was the incredible, probably-drunken post-arrest interview he gave to a Icelandic newssite …  in which he ADMITS to trashing the hell out of the car.

“I kicked the door in because I was pissed one night … and then there was a scratch over there that they had to replace the whole panel for,” Bam said.

There’s more — “The back got hit, and then there was … I’ve been painting like with oil paints so oil paints get everywhere so there was like blue paint all over the inside of the car.”

So what’s the lesson here? DON’T LET BAM BORROW YOUR CAR!!!

Um, WHO DOES THAT TO A RENTAL CAR? And who ADMITS that but also admits he didn’t bother to pay for it? Man, what an idiot.

So, Bam Margera’s an Ass, Huh?

photo of bam margera ugly pictures
So we haven’t talked about stupid Bam Margera, really, since his stupid friend died in a stupid alcohol-related car accident*, but this time, surprisingly, we’re talking about stupid Bam Margera because he’s … oh, right. That’s right. STUPID. Here’s the latest photos that Bam’s Tweeted, and when the backlash happened, he defended himself by saying that his Twitter followers “know” his stupid ‘Jackass’ humor, and that should make it all OK. Ready yourself. Here’s the first:

photo of bam margera shooting a puppy pictures
Can I say how stupid this guy is? And ugh, that mug of his. He’s so gross that he makes me want to punch myself in the face for even demeaning myself by talking about him and his stupid, gross antics. Do I just maybe not “get” the ‘Jackass’ humor? I’m going to go ahead and say, “No, I absolutely do not.” And guys, I don’t necessarily think that’s one of my worse personality traits. I guess it’s just par for the course with these guys, and things like this are just not OK in my book.

Here’s another one, just to piss you off further:

photo of bam margera shooting a cat pictures
*Also, say what you want about me being “insensitive” or whatever about Ryan Dunn’s whole drinking and getting inebriated to the point of being more than twice over the legal alcohol limit, and then driving his vehicle at rates of more than 140 mph, putting everyone else on the road at risk and ultimately killing himself and his passenger, but I’m sorry, but I just can’t find it in my cold, dead heart to say, “Aww, poor, poor Ryan,” when the act was so stupid and selfish. It was a sad occurrence, but what do you *expect* to happen when you drink and drive to such limits?

Anyway. End rant on Ryan Dunn, since he’s been dead for over a year already.

Bam Margera Raps for The Ryan Dunn Tribute!

I know, the video quality is real shitty, but this is such a lovely story I couldn’t resist. See, on Saturday a concert was held at Bam’s bar in Pennsylvania, a tribute for Ryan Dunn and his passenger, Zachary Hartwell. The bands were all close friends of Bam and Ryan – one of them was a friend from high school, one was Bam’s uncle – so it was a nice, close little event. From reading about it and from seeing these shady little videos, it seems like a very fitting tribute. And the best part? All the money they raised, which turned out to be over $20,000, went straight to Zachary Hartwell’s widow.

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m still a little sad over Ryan Dunn’s death. Is that absolutely ridiculous? The other night I went to pull out my Jackass DVDs, and then I remembered that if I watched them I would probably just be reduced to a sobbing, messy heap on the floor. And hey, I have things to do.

Let’s just remind ourselves that Ryan probably would have loved Bam’s rendition of Lil Wayne‘s tunes and carry on. There’s too much loveliness in the world to be stuck in sadness, am I right?