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So, Bam Margera’s an Ass, Huh?

photo of bam margera ugly pictures
So we haven’t talked about stupid Bam Margera, really, since his stupid friend died in a stupid alcohol-related car accident*, but this time, surprisingly, we’re talking about stupid Bam Margera because he’s … oh, right. That’s right. STUPID. Here’s the latest photos that Bam’s Tweeted, and when the backlash happened, he defended himself by saying that his Twitter followers “know” his stupid ‘Jackass’ humor, and that should make it all OK. Ready yourself. Here’s the first:

photo of bam margera shooting a puppy pictures
Can I say how stupid this guy is? And ugh, that mug of his. He’s so gross that he makes me want to punch myself in the face for even demeaning myself by talking about him and his stupid, gross antics. Do I just maybe not “get” the ‘Jackass’ humor? I’m going to go ahead and say, “No, I absolutely do not.” And guys, I don’t necessarily think that’s one of my worse personality traits. I guess it’s just par for the course with these guys, and things like this are just not OK in my book.

Here’s another one, just to piss you off further:

photo of bam margera shooting a cat pictures
*Also, say what you want about me being “insensitive” or whatever about Ryan Dunn’s whole drinking and getting inebriated to the point of being more than twice over the legal alcohol limit, and then driving his vehicle at rates of more than 140 mph, putting everyone else on the road at risk and ultimately killing himself and his passenger, but I’m sorry, but I just can’t find it in my cold, dead heart to say, “Aww, poor, poor Ryan,” when the act was so stupid and selfish. It was a sad occurrence, but what do you *expect* to happen when you drink and drive to such limits?

Anyway. End rant on Ryan Dunn, since he’s been dead for over a year already.

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  • As much as I’m sure Ryan Dunn was a NICE guy, the fact that he decided to drink, drive, kill himself and his friend was his own stupidity. Also, Bam Margera looks like he could use a shower or 10.

  • I’m totally in agreement with you on the Ryan Dunn issue. He deserves no sympathy. The man KILLED his passenger! He should have at least have had the decency to only drive drunk at 140mph alone.

  • You still didn’t have to drag Ryan Dunn into this. He wasn’t apart of this, obviously. Leave the dead guy alone.

  • wow bam ive always been a fan but seeing these photos is beyond any “Jackass”” humor if you want to be an idiot with your boys is one thing but there is absolutely no humor in the pics with gun to a puppies head! come on grow up or is michael vick your hero?

  • I don’t like him either, but the fact of the matter is that it’s not a real gun. Therefore, no animals were ever in danger, and everyone’s outrage is over nothing.

  • I’m all for “humor” and shit, but like it or not, Bam has a following of adrenaline-seeking douchebags that want to be the next Jackass.

    Maybe they see hilarious Bam oozing cool, not giving a toss about what anyone thinks, and they want to take it to the next level. Maybe they don’t use a fake gun. Maybe “Imma do it even BETTER and like, totally kill the kitten LOLZ!”

    Bam didn’t harm any animals, but he is a role model and has an influence on stupid kids who don’t know any better. Animal cruelty isn’t funny and shouldn’t be portrayed as such.

    We Americans love our guns, though, so take the animals out of the picture and it’s totally cool. It’s not like guns are dangerous. They’re just badass displays of manhood. Obvs.

    • My boyfriend and I had a lengthy conversation after I read him this post, during which we changed our respective opinions four or five times on the matter. Additionally, it caused us to debate our views on celebrities as role models vs. entertainers, animal cruelty, drunk driving, and gun control.

      So big win for Bam and EVB on raising important issues in the home.

  • Really dumb… Seems he wants to make a jab at all of us “bleeding heart” animal lovers and our “political correctness.”

    Best not to pay too much attention to a couple of boys looking for attention at any cost.

    As long as they don’t get any brain dead imitators who might take it one step further. With power comes responsibility guys. I think they should have added their usual disclaimer in another note: “This act of total senseless idiocy is being performed by trained stunt men. Don’t try this at home.”

    Just imagine the uproar if that had been babies? Children’s Aid would have been summoned, fake gun or no fake gun. Maybe someone should inform the SPCA.

  • I think he’s a moron, but I’m not offended by these pictures. He’s obviously kidding, and I don’t think he ever had any intention of truly hurting the animals. Whatever.

  • This dude has always been total DICK! Actually, he does this shit bcuz this is what he feeds off of. Byw, those animals were found a mile from there shot in the head.

  • Yeah. Devious lairs against Bam. He is stupid. But that’s what makes him funny. You all know he didn’t actually shoot or planned on shooting either of these animals. He’s always been an animal lover, I’m positive he would never do anything like that MJRyan. Thank you.

    • lol, I know but he’s still a Dick and I disagree, his(all Jackass) stupidity isn’t funny at all. Although I’d LOVE to have his mom stop by so I could tap that ass, Yes-sir-ee!!!

  • Kill yourself you worthless piece of shit. You’re a fucking troll and the world would be better off if you were gone.