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Chris Brown Pleads ‘Not Guilty’ In Hit-and-Run Case

chris brown

Every night, I dream of a better world – one where world hunger is solved, there’s no more war and Chris Brown rots in a dirty prison cell forever. In reality, he only faces a maximum of four years for violating his parole (from beating the shit out of Rihanna, lest we forget) by being involved in a hit-and-run and then giving false insurance information.

TMZ reports that while Chris is currently free, he needs to surrender to police by August 6 for a booking and mugshot and will have to head back to court on August 15 for the next stage in this case. There’s also another probation violation case happening sometime in August, though we don’t know what date yet.

Unfortunately, I have a feeling this asshole will continue to terrorize the world – after all, Teem Breezy is praying for the weight of the heavy cross he carries to be lifted from poor, sweet, innocent Chris Brown. Pffft. Is there a seat open next to Justin Bieber on that rocket to space? I’m sure we could get a Kickstarter going to buy Chris a seat.

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  • The people’s republic of California can’t be bothered with the duties of government – you know, like locking up the dregs of society who can’t stop breaking the law. They are too busy being politically correct and kowtowing to the unions in driving their state to ruin. Glad this POS is out there and not here on the East Coast.