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O.J. Simpson And Paula Deen Are BFF

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Paula Deen is losing endorsements all over the damn place, but one thing she isn’t losing is her friendship with O.J. Simpson. Yes, apparently she and O.J. are BFF. Because nothing gets you out of a jam like a thumbs up from O.J. Simpson.

From National Enquirer (an exclusive!):

Simpson’s manager, Norm Pardo, told The ENQUIRER: “Many people will be surprised to hear that O.J. thinks Paula is great, and he’s in her corner on this issue.

The two fallen stars bonded years ago, when O.J. stopped by Paula’s restaurant in Savannah, Ga., and enjoyed a special feast that the Southern kitchen queen prepared just for him.

And The ENQUIRER has obtained a videotape of the meal, which shows how the two hit it off in the days before Paula was famous.

I would say (sarcastically) I’m sure this will thrill Paula’s people, but considering that she fired her agent, was fired by The Food Network, and just lost Target, she has no people. Is Deen desperate enough to play her one and only “but my friend is black” card if that friend is O.J. Simpson?

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  • So many guiltless and saintly people quickly spoke with ire and rushed to revenge their victimized fellowman filled with outrage at the indecency and indignity to quickly condemn her for any past sin, forget the actual main claim is for sexual harassment mainly against Deen’s kooky-nasty brother and they are misogynists,. racist.. they made disparaging remarks against a previous manager who had been fired for sexual relations with servers.. threatened to put a woman in a man’s job.. we need any understanding; intelligent; well-informed; discerning; perceptive vote from the other side.. OJ or Lilo would do..