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Meet Britney Spears, Philanthropist

britney spears david lucado

Our little Brit Brit has a heart of gold and is always doing nice things for the less fortunate. She’s already given a homeless guy $100 from the ATM, but now she’s upped the ante and thrown a few hundred at a homeless family she spotted outside a Walmart in Filmore, California over the 4th of July weekend. LOVE HER!

She and boyfriend David Lucado were driving by when they saw the family holding up a “HELP” sign and she gave him a few hundred bucks to get out and give to them. Aw, Britney. Say what you will about her shitty music, but homegirl has a heart of gold!

I still think she needs to drop David, though. That dude has gold digger written all over him, and I’m not feelin’ it.