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Katy Perry Settles Her Lawsuit With ghd, Like Anyone Cares

katy perry ghd

Hey, remember how Katy Perry had that deal with ghd and then they didn’t renew so she threatened to sue them and they threatened to sue her back for lying and there was basically a whole lot of suing possibly going on? Well, hang on to your hats, because things are going to get… even more boring. That’s right, the whole KP sue-a-thon is over :(

From TMZ:

Katy Perry has finally untangled herself from a British hair care company … as the two sides settled a lawsuit over an oral agreement gone wrong.

As TMZ previously reported, Perry claimed a company called ghd (stands for “good hair day”) owed her $2 million based on a verbal agreement she had to extend her deal. But ghd claimed they had no such agreement and didn’t owe her squat … because they wanted to cut ties with Katy when the deal expired.

The folks behind ghd struck first, filing a lawsuit against Perry to block her from suing them for the $2 mil.

Last month, the two sides agree to drop the case completely with both sides giving up the right to re-file.

No word on if Katy got any of the $2 mil she was seeking.

Well, there you have it. Frankly, I have a ghd and they heat up really quickly, so that’s all I have to say about the company. Also, Katy Perry does not need $2 million more unless she’s writing me a check. The end.

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