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Presenting A Pre-Plastic Courtney Stodden

courtney stodden before plastic surgery

Courtney Stodden wasn’t born looking like pure poetry. Nay. At one point, she was but mere mortal. The sight is alarming. A plastic surgery and heavy make-up free Stodden kind of looked like Ke$ha.

E Online was gracious enough to share these photos with us. As you look through them, I recommend listening to this.

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  • Her mother had said “she had a kind of beauty.” Not. She’s plain and average at the very best. Denying all the very obvious plastic surgery never helps, either. Ugh.

  • I think she had nice angles in her face before. Nice cheekbones. She isn’t prettier after the surgery. The whole thing is kind of gross. 50 something hubby. 19 with extensive plastic surgery.