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Isla Fisher Says Being With Borat Didn’t Help Her Career

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Isla Fisher, the one who isn’t Amy Adams, gave an interview with Cosmopolitan UK where she claims she had no help in Hollywood at all, despite dating and then marrying Sacha Baron Cohen, who was A+++ in Hollywood for a good few months (and then Bruno happened). Here’s what she told Cosmo (via Daily Mail):

I really have had no help. In fact, the one time I did ask for help was after my agent in LA fired me. I was auditioning for all sorts of things but kept getting told “no”, so she just fired me! So anyway, I said to Sacha, who was my boyfriend at the time, “Can you ask your agent if they’ll represent me?” And his agent said, “No way”. It was the only favor I’d ever asked, and I was like, “OK… great”. But it spurred me on. I’ve had no helping hand in Hollywood. But in general I’ve found that when it comes to getting jobs, what’s meant for you can’t pass you by.

Yeah, okay. I can buy that in the very beginning Borat’s agent wouldn’t want to take her on as a client, but there is no way that Borat didn’t help her get auditions, either through him personally or a meeting he set up with someone else, like a producer or casting agent. That’s just total bullshit. They started dating around 2002 – 2003, and a year later she’s working with David O. Russell in I Heart Huckabees, then she and Cohen get engaged, and soon after that she gets her career defining role in the huge Hollywood big budget comedy Wedding Crashers, and that has nothing to do with Cohen at all? Girl, please.

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  • Okay, I’ve thought about this post quite a bit. Long time reader, havev’t commented in a bit. I feel ya, It’s easy to think there’s no way for her to have succeded thus far, without the heavy help from her partner… But you have to think about it from a professional acting standpoint as well. I read her response and I found it inspiring, believable, and pretty wise. Sure, Sacha probably got her into a few auditions or meetings with casting agents down the line, but what type of opportunities did she introduce HIM to? That’s some crazy networking coming from both ends. Two actors on the cusp of stardum and lovers as well you bet they’re going to be influncing each other. It’s rough enouh as it is to be a forign, funny, out of the box woman in Hollywood, you’d have to work you ass off to arrive at where she’s at- and that’s no small feat for any human. But I digress.. Terribly long story short, I feel your comment puts into the minds that there is no way a woman could get this far in her situation/life/career without the help of a famous man she happend to be schlepping at the time. Let’s give it up for the successful,unique and talented go-geter and not mistake her work ethic with his “star” power.

  • this review is the problem. Why do we have to bring women down and amount their achievements to the men in their lives.

    • Agree. It kind of kills me that lately Beet swings back and forth between a kind of feminism and… well this post. This is the kind of post that ain’t helping. Isla is a funny talented lady who doesn’t fit the Hollywood stereotype. I totally believe she’s “made it” because she’s flat out worked her ass off.

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