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Bruno Premieres in London


Sacha Baron Cohen’s Bruno doesn’t open in the US until July, but it premiered yesterday in London. Despite all the buzz about whether or not the film fairly represented the gay community (uhhhh, I’m gonna go with “no,” because it’s a satire, guys), the early reviews are, I imagine, exactly what Sacha was hoping they’d be.

There’s this, from the BBC:

“Sometimes you question whether he has finally crossed the line into offensive bad taste – and, latterly, whether you were right to laugh at it – but the audience all seemed to guffaw and groan in the right places. They even gasped in horror when they were supposed to.”

And this, from The Sun:

“And here lies a warning — the pygmy sex scene is one of the most horrific incidents ever committed to celluloid. I’m talking fire extinguishers, champagne bottles and mechanically adapted fitness equipment. Teenage boys should under no circumstances watch this with their parents.”

Ooooh, you guys!!! I am SEEING THIS ON OPENING NIGHT. That is, if I can’t talk someone into getting me into a critic’s screening even earlier than that.

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  • fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck he’s awesome.
    and yes… lookin’ mighty fine in those booty shorts.

  • Seriously? I thought this was the kind of movie to see with the folks. Well according to these reviews, I guess not. Sigh, dad’s gonna be pissed when I tell him the movie plans are off.

  • I thought borat wasn’t really that great of movie. But it however was pretty funny to see a persons perception of a certain group of people.

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  • He must be having his entire body waxed on a regular basis, judging on how hairy he was as Borat in that neon green thong. Ouch. Now that’s dedication to your craft!

    And yeah, I’m coveting his fabulous ass and thighs too. Sigh. Who is your trainer Bruno???

  • Let the laughs begin!! I am SOO excited for this!!!

    Hey Beet, cookie’s comment should be taken down.

  • I’m going to laugh so hard I may pee my pants. (note to self: bring plastic bag to sit on)
    And I love Isla, she’s so cute.

  • This man is absolutely DISGUSTING. Nothing he does is funny – it’s sick. What can I say…..small minds amuse easily?

    • “In contrast to his characters, he is a soft-spoken, gentlemanly Cambridge man who considered pursuing a PhD before going into comedy.”

      Actually anything BUT small minded. He’s intelligent, and quick witted.. sure if you go to his movies to see him just parade around in stupid bathing suits that may be small minded. But if you go to watch a movie about human nature it’s hilarious!

  • Recently there were reports the “twitter effect” made the second week box office takings for Bruno in the US tank. The Idea Bruno had a big first week opening (number 1 in the US box office) because people were expecting it to be as funny as Borat – but these expectations were not met. So people who had seen the film twittered their friends to say it was not a very good film and that led to less people viewing the film in its second week. Having seen Bruno recently I think this is hogwash – Bruno is even funnier than Borat!