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Borat’s Hitting This


The star of Confessions of a Shopaholic — and Sacha Cohen’s baby mama — wore this to the NYC premiere of the flick. I can’t say I love the dress (and I can say I hate the shoes), and, to be honest, homegirl doesn’t really know how to work a red carpet. It’s obvious she’s had training, but the poses and the faces still come off a bit forced. She’s a fantastic actress, but maybe modeling’s not her thing.

It’s Isla Fisher’s first film role as a leading lady.

Can the comedienne carry a film as well as her boyfriend can?

We’ll find out!

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      • seriously– people think everyone with red hair looks like everyone else with red hair. I would know. I have been told that I look like literally every actress that has ever had any shade of red hair. It’s beyond annoying.

  • I get her so confused with Amy Adams. I thought Amy was the lead in Confessions of a Shopaholic.

    She’s too dark or her lip color is wrong. Something is off.

  • What’s with the hair?
    Why does that bit of hair that’s pulled back on her left side look so lopsided and lumpy?
    And yea, those shoes are awful. They remind me of the crevice tool on my vacuum cleaner.

  • I. Love. That. Dress. It’s gorgeous. And I also love pretty much everything else about this look; her hair, love how it’s pinned back for an asymmetrical vibe, and even though she’s really tan, it works really well with the color scheme she’s got going.

  • Oh I just love her! I think the lighting may be off, she’s for sure got redder hair than it looks here. Her dress is fab, and I’m SO excited to see this movie, the books are super cute!

  • I was thinking Sasha Cohen the skater and trying to figure out the babymama thing. Then I goggled Sacha Cohen- oh Borat- God I can’t stand him or her shoes. Do like the dress though, beautiful color.

  • I think she looks HOT. SO HOT! I love her <3<3<3 they are the best couple ever. And I think the dress is kind of awesome.

  • Shoes. Bad. They remind me of the Jellies I had in junior high – the first time they were a fad, in the mid-80s.

    And I have to say I’m more than a little disappointed that the Shopaholic is not a Brit, like she was in my head – and in the books.

  • I’ll admit she looks pretty fucking twitchy. Doesn’t look like she was dying to be there.
    I really love everything else about the look, though. I especially love the shoes!

  • Dress is great. I don’t even mind the shoes. I think she’s super cute but here she looks too HOLLYWEIRD with the tan and the heavy make-up. She is prettier au natural with her red locks

  • I loved her in Wedding Crashers. She is a great comedic actress. She is quickly becoming one of my favorites.

  • i remember her from home and away as shannon, she was white there [untanned] and had brown eyes and red hair. She got a Ed storyline. i can’t believe this woman is in her thirties, she looks great. Proof than life doesn’t end once you hit 20…

  • She looked better before she stuck herself in a deep fryer and dyed her hair.

    the color on the dress and shoes just don’t work with her skin tone at all.