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Though He Says Lindsay’s Doing Great In Rehab, Michael Lohan Wants To Take Her Out

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Lindsay Lohan is in rehab at The Betty Ford Center where she’s been working on healing and also being an unofficial spokesperson for a singing app, and probably snickering at Amanda Bynes‘ twitter feed. Class act father Michael Lohan is really proud of her and says she is doing “phenomenal” — yet he wants to move her to a different location. From The Daily Mail:

Its just enough is enough and I think she realises it. In everyone’s life there comes an epiphany and I guess it’s come upon her in some way shape or form. It’s time and I think she knows that.

She’s doing phenomenal, I mean awesome.

Okay…then why move her? Mr. Lohan says he wants her to go to Lukens Institute in Palm Springs, and he claims she does, too.

…There’s a lot of healing going on, this is only the beginning of the process and she has 60 more days. She did say at the beginning of the month that she wants to leave and go to Lukens, and as a matter of fact one or two other people want to go as well. So I’m going to go and I’m going to meet with [her lawyer] Shawn Holley this week and hopefully talk to the city attorney and get her transferred.

They [The Betty Ford Center] don’t get any trauma therapy here, they do no one-on-one whatsoever, they’re giving some of the people in here frigging medication, I mean Valium and other narcotic medication. You don’t do that in a rehab. I just don’t get it.

The hell is he talking about? Does he know they took away her adderall? I don’t think anyone is giving your daughter Valium, Mr. Lohan. This f-cking family. Why do I get the feeling that he wants her here because for whatever reason it’s more convenient for him?

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  • He has to position himself as the hero. Mr. Vagina Kicker knows better than Betty Ford.

  • It’s time for all the Lohans’ to just shut up and do what the court ordered. Do the time in one place and quit wasting the people of the courts time. I don’t get why they feel they should get whatever they want, they are the ones in the wrong, butt out Pops. If she’s doing fine, let it be.

  • i emailed this ML turd a few years ago when he was gettin’ on my nerves, spouting off about God & who’s going to hell & yada yada, ya know, hypocrite bullshit. he actually responded. twice! haaaaaa, now that was a fun email battle. i highly recommend it: