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Jennifer Lopez Gives It Her All On Britain’s Got Talent

jennifer lopez leotard live it up

Jennifer Lopez performed her new single “Live It Up” on Britain’s Got Talent and created a lukewarm controversy. Apparently some people thought she was “too inappropriate” for the family show.

Uhhh, really? She’s walking around in thigh high boots and a leotard, this isn’t any different from what Beyoncé did at the Super Bowl, and I think everyone was fine with that. Everyone except Donald Trump, who had an issue with Beyoncé’s performance, but Donald Trump sucks. I will concede that the leotard was almost in thong territory and at one point she did a sort-of crotch grab, but other than that, I didn’t think this performance was shocking or raunchy. And it’s not like this happened. Also insert obligatory “damn, Jennifer Lopez is 43?? She looks amazing” comment here.

The best part was when Ms. Lopez shouted, “Everyone, sing along!” Bitch no one knows this song.

And anyway, Cher did it better.

cher if i could turn back time

See for yourself:


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  • Terrible song, killer body, no argument there but for God’s sake, she appears so desperate to be thought of as young and sexy. It must KILL her that Beyonce’s ass has taken the place of hers in pop culture now. Poor JLo.

  • Just like Madonna, Kylie Minogue and others, JHo is another patethic b.i.t.c.h. What happened to growing old gracefully?

  • I love Ms Lopez, but that was waaay too much crotch for me, certainly for a family show.
    To be fair to her, the 80s style leotards are being worn by every pop star right now, but still. She is Jennifer Lopez. She doesn’t need to try so hard.

    Having said all that, if I had her bum I would probably go on television wearing nothing but a thong.