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Someone Threw Underwear At Lana Del Rey

lana del rey singing panties underwear

Lana Del Rey was just singing along in her Ambien laden voice when someone suddenly threw her a pair of panties. Of course this happened in Ireland at an intimate show in Dublin. As shown in these photos, Ms. Del Rey seems rather amused by the entire thing. They really, really love her on the other side of the world. Damn you, America. I love you so much. Can’t you give me this one thing??? Pretty sure Lana doesn’t feel the love here either, as she told FASHION magazine (via Daily Mail),

I don’t always feel like I get respect for [my work]… when I feel like people don’t like [my] music and that the 10 years I spent making what I made was not for a good reason, that makes me want to drink again.

Oh man. I know how she feels on a smaller scale. When I feel like no one likes me, I replace those feelings with McDonald’s or Del Taco. She’s been clean and sober for 12 years now, which means that yeah, she got addicted around age 14.

ANYWAY, happier note, I think my favorite thing about this incident is that The Daily Mail referred to this as Lana Del Rey getting “The Tom Jones Treatment.” I guess Tom Jones is still known as a sex symbol over there. And over here, Lana hasn’t let her “haters” bum her out. In fact, she’s been looking a lot happier lately. Maybe it’s because her new music for The Great Gatsby soundtrack is getting positive reviews.

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  • I’m not sure why so many people hate her!!!!! I think she’s great, as is her music. The Great Gatsby soundtrack is perfect. I love her and hope someday she tours more of the USA (and not just “secret” shows in LA, boo).

      • Yeah, and you have every right to feel that way. The only problem is, if you do feel that way, why go out of your way to make sure it’s known? It’s not like she’s hurting anyone or doing anything wrong. She’s following her dreams. That’s like if someone I know and see everyday acts fake, I don’t go out of my way to make sure that person and everyone else knows that. I accept that that’s who THEY are and I move on with my day. There are some things better left kept to yourself, especially if they’re belittling to something that someone pours their heart to. It’s just decency, man. Be fucking nice to people.

  • I guess I’ll state the obvious, the thing we all probably know. Nobody “makes” anybody drink again or do drugs again. It is all the choices we make and we can blame no one but ourselves. However, the Taco Bell commercial that tells me “we’re open late” when I’m awake and hungry at midnight seems to make me irrational. Bastards.