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Is Kim Kardashian Having a Girl?

kim kardashian

Kim Kardashian is planning to put the Kris Jenner parenting approach into action once she gives birth, so it might be helpful if she has a girl. After all, we see how hard it is for Kris to pimp Rob out. Well, lucky for Kim, her little one just might be lucky enough to continue the royal lineage of selling yourself for very large amounts of money, because rumour has it that she’s having a daughter.

From E! Online:

Kim Kardashian’s baby shower preparations are well under way.

In fact, invitations have gone out to a select group of friends and family members for a June 2 baby-themed bash to celebrate the impending arrival of Kim and Kanye West’s first child, E! News exclusively confirms.

And as you might have guessed, these weren’t just any old store-bought invitations…

They arrived at their intended destinations in music boxes that, when opened, played Kanye’s tune, “Hey Mama,” the tribute track he wrote for his own mother, as a wind-up ballerina twirled.

Oh, brother. I don’t trust Kim and Kanye with any child, but I shudder to think of the future that baby Kimye has in front of her. Two egomaniacs for parents, one with serious delusions of grandeur and a problem with misplaced anger and the other nearly naked all the time without the sense God gave her. Therapists, wait by the phone.

P.S. Dem feet, tho.

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  • a shower? good lord, I always envisioned a baby shower as a means to give to someone to ‘help out’ – but this? i mean seriously – what is the reason?(i know I know – they need to pimp everything out) but it reeks. now if she donated everything she got to a women’s shelter or something – i could get behind that.

    and damn – those feet.

  • The last trimester of my pregnancy, the only shoes I was willing to wear were these super comfy moccasins and flip flops. Mostly moccasins, so that no one else could see how gross my feet were. Man, am I glad to have my feet back! And Kim, it’s okay if you’re not “fashionable” (or whatever it is you are) for a few months. Everyone will understand.

  • She may be having a girl, but what are her feet having? As much as I hate to say it, I do believe that Jessica Simpson has lost the “Most Repulsive Pregnant Thing” crown to Kim.

  • Girl? Boy? That doesn’t matter bcuz the big shocker about her whole pregnancy is going to be the baby not being black! Yep, It’ll be Mexican bcuz it was MY squiggly super strong tadpole that made his way to her egg after I shot him up in there when I Tapped that Ass! He was SO grateful that he didn’t end up on my belly from a ‘Noone at home’ Jerk!!!