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Was Mariah Carey Lip Synching And Do You Care?

mariah carey american idol

Mariah Carey, in a diabolical feathered gown, sang her face off last night in the season finale of American Idol — or DID she? A lot of people are freaking out, pointing fingers, saying she was actually lip synching her Mariah’s greatest hits medley. Maybe she did, considering she and everyone else on the judging panel got fired, and this is her way of saying, “Thanks, bye.” Like maybe she doesn’t even care. Or maybe she actually was singing. I can’t tell. It looks like she’s singing but there’s something very smooth about it. But maybe that’s because she’s a professional who has been singing since she was but a wee child in a diabolical feathered gown.

Watch it and tell us what you think.


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  • For some reason her facial expressions in this video make me think that she and Kathy Lee Gifford are twins separated at birth.

  • I think that she sang everything up til the last song. In the last song with also happens to be her latest you could clearly hear some playback going on and also that was the only time she “did/tried to do” the whistling that sounded a bit off. But she looked so unhappy doing this especially since she got fired.. Still Love Mariah!

  • Ya better believe that Nicki Minaj will tell the world if she wasn’t actually singing. I don’t care either way I will say this though can she really not be singing with the ppl all standing that close?