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What Do We Think Of Demi Lovato’s New Tattoo?

Demi lovato tattoo warrior

Demi Lovato got one of those classic Pinterest/Tumblr inspirational quote tattoos. Obviously it means something very important and special to her, or she wouldn’t have gotten it on her back in an oddly curved fashion in a classic Microsoft Word freebie font. I’m sorry, I’m being a bitch. It’s the meaning of the tattoo that’s important, and if she feels like a warrior, power to her. Here’s the story behind it, from Pop Tats:

As you can see by checking out Demi Lovato’s newtattoo, her powerful “Warrior” lyrics and the rest of the songs on her brand new Demi album, just when you think the songstress is down, she’s definitely not out. And Demi clearly feels strongly enough about the message she puts across in “Warrior” that she decided to add a tattoo inspired by the lyrics to her already impressive tattoo collection. Many of Demi Lovato’s tattoos in the past have been inked as emotional reminders to herself that she is beautiful the way she is and that she can stay strong in the face of adversary […]

She also has a tattoo covering her arm that says “faith” and has birds flying around it.

I don’t know, I guess this is better than Miley’s “Love Never Dies” tattoo. Except that I like Miley’s font better. So I’m not sure. But I AM certain that any tattoo anyone gets ever is going to be better than Justin Biebers’ tattoo collection.

AND ESPECIALLY Ryan Cabrera’s (I had to look his name up in our archives because I’ve forgotten it since I wrote about him) Ryan Gosling tattoo.

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