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Rod Stewart Totally Seduced a Dude Back In The Day… Accidentally, Of Course

rod stewart

Rod Stewart sorta makes me want to throw up in my mouth a bit every time I look at him, but I guess he was the bee’s knees back in his ‘Maggie May’ days and used to get plenty of ladies looking to hook up. And GENTLEMEN! Pepaw Rod is 68 years old now, but he wants us all to know he’s been there, done that, got the t-shirt when it comes to being edgy. After all, he once seduced a man – but only because he thought he was a woman!

From The Howard Stern Show:

“There was this beautiful woman and I was thinking, ‘Why aren’t the guys trying to chat her up?'”

“They said, ‘Rod, we have left her for you’. It turned out she was a guy. I finished up in bed with a bloke who had a block and tackle.

“I thought, the guys have set me up, fair enough. I just said, ‘You stay there, I’ll stay over here’.”

When asked how far he had got with his bedmate, he said: “There may have been a peck on the neck.”

Oddly enough, that part made me want to hurl myself off a cliff less than Rod’s thoughts on orgies – because if there’s anything worse than thinking about Rod Stewart having sex with anyone, it’s thinking of Rod Stewart having sex with two someones.

“I never really got into orgies. I tried it with a couple of Japanese girls a long time ago and I found it all a bit disappointing and distracting.”

Well, thank God for that. Don’t go giving me shit for giving Rod Stewart shit, either. I can acknowledge a handsome gent like any human being, but Rod Stewart and his ass cocaine has creeped me out since, well, always.

Here’s some more Rod, if that’s your thing.

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