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It Actually Happened: NBC Cancelled Whitney

whitney cummings face 2012

Whitney Cummings is finally done irritating television viewers. After 2 seasons on NBC, Whitney has been cancelled. Personally I never really had a problem with her, and some parts of the show were actually funny, but as a whole series it was pretty messy and I’m gonna throw the word dreadful out there as well. Because I don’t use the word dreadful enough. People really seemed to dislike her though, and the ratings dip reflected that, which is most likely why NBC let her go.

From The Huffington Post:

The network’s decision to cancel “Whitney” doesn’t come as surprise after ratings dipped to less than 3 million viewers.

The sitcom, created by and starrting comedian and “Chelsea Lately” roundtable regular Whitney Cummings, drew almost 7 million viewers when it first premiered in September 2011, but ratings quickly dipped, hovering around 4 million viewers a week for its first season.

At one point they moved the show to Friday, which is where sitcoms go to die.

Anyone here watch the show? Anyone here sad to see it go?

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  • That really sucks, I really liked this show. She was a women on TV that was much more like me. It was nice to see a snarky female character who wasn’t obessessed with shoes or shopping. I wish there were more shows like this available, thank god 2Broke Chicks is still on the air.

  • I only liked the guy who played her husband. other than that – it was derivative and played to the lowest common denominator – like most sitcoms. Her talk show was even worse.

  • It was the only show I got excited for every week! I’m completely bummed by this news.

  • I actually like the show! Not so much Whitney, but her husband character and friends. I hate when they cancel show ‘just because’ the main start sucks…bummer

  • NBC cancels shows at to great a rate. I’m less likely to watch any future shows broadcast on this network.

  • Whitney tried to be too cool and laid back, and funny at the same time. She was actually annoying. NBC should give the guy who played her husband a show.

  • And, I’m glad they cancelled that sorry ass sit-com with Chelsea whats-her-name too. She always looks drunk, and older than she actually is. Good riddance!