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Courtney Stodden Makes Amanda Bynes Seem Sane

courtney stodden elmo big bird

Courtney Stodden, how I love thee. You are SUCH a Sriracha hot mess. Your “candid” photos make Amanda Bynesselfies look like a Vanity Fair photo shoot. Okay that’s a bit much, but they’re certainly more cringe-worthy. At least I think so. Bynes is like, “F-ck it, I’m going to hold my boobs in front of my bathroom mirror” — she even hashtagged “long hair don’t care” — whereas Ms. Stodden walks around dressed inappropriately with her old as hell husband Some Dude From Lost followed by hired paparazzi all while pretending to be coy.

Here’s her latest shoot. She’s hanging out in a kid’s store. And she looks as though she could be wearing the clothes sold in the kids store. Because they’re tiny. Not because they sell stripper heels to children. …yet.

I cannot believe she’s only 18!

Who do YOU think is the bigger train wreck: Stodden or Bynes?

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  • I think Bynes needs legitimate psychiatric help. I think Stodden is just not that bright and has terrible parents.

    But can we talk about that plastic pose where she’s pushing her boobs out with her hands behind Elmo? What the what girl?

    • Did you notice where poor Elmo’s hand is ? I feel bad for the next little kid who picks it up to hug it :( I wouldn’t want that near any child !

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