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Lohan Has The Audacity To Try To Delay Rehab AND An Unrelated Court Hearing

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Lindsay Lohan is really not into the whole punishment thing. No matter what she claims, if there’s a way for her to avoid responsibility and punishment, she’ll do it. Somehow she managed to delay her court-ordered rehab until after Coachella. No idea how the hell she managed to pull that rabbit out of her hat.

But apparently that wasn’t good enough. She wants just a little more time. Radaronline has an exclusive:

Lindsay Lohan has just four days to enroll in her court-ordered rehab but has exclusively learned that she may be trying to figure out a way to manipulate the system and not start her rehab on time.

“The judge told Lindsay that she had to be enrolled in the rehab by May 2, but it’s possible that her defense attorney might try and say that she is ‘enrolled’ with her actual check-in date later than that day,” a source close to the situation said.

“She could say that she is scheduled to go to rehab at a future date and has everything arranged with a rehab place, but she might not physically be there on May 2.”

The court agreed to allow Lindsay to enroll in a treatment center in New York, but a source close to her told that she’s employing even another delay tactic.

“Lindsay is now saying that she wants to go to rehab in California and she’s looking for a treatment center, and she thinks that this might help her buy some more time too,” the source said.

What in the ever-loving f-ck. JUST SEND HER TO JAIL. Why do people let her get away with everything? In addition to this mess, TMZ reported two days ago that Lohan is trying to avoid YET ANOTHER legal “mishap”.

Lindsay Lohan has allegedly blown off YET ANOTHER legal case … this one involving a nanny who claims LiLo smacked her with a Maserati.

Linds was sued last year by Nubia Del Carmen Preza, who claims LiLo ran a red light, injuring her and barely missing the baby stroller she was pushing back in 2010.

The nanny’s lawyer filed legal docs demanding that Lindsay answer certain questions about the incident, but apparently Lindsay blew it off and never responded.

As for what questions the nanny wanted answered … did you hit me, did you fail to stop, was someone else in your car — stuff like that.

A hearing is set for May 8 where a judge will decide whether to sock Lindsay with fines for ignoring the questions.

Lindsay won’t be there, of course, but she has a good excuse this time — she’ll be a few days into rehab.

LOL this is f-cking unbelievable. She’s trying to avoid rehab and yet if she goes to rehab, she can avoid dealing with another hearing. Which one do you want to do, Lohan?

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  • It’s nice to know that if I ever get into trouble with the law that I can just do whatever I want to do if I don’t like what the punishment is and if the dates don’t fit into my schedule. They give her break after break and we have to hear from her “people” what she wants. I don’t give a crap what she wants, you did the crime, now do the time and stay out of our faces for 90 days.

  • Is there any way that all of the bloggers could get together and put a ban on any and all Lohan posts? Like, forever? People will still read the blogs, promise.

  • She’s so exchanging sexual favors for special treatment. Or sharing her stash with the judges…

  • Hey, enough is enough, do your time, shut up and get on with your life. NO ONE, absolutely no one would get away with that, but then again – “do you know who I am?” – seems to be a Hollywood mantra…….