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Aubrey Plaza Gatecrashes Will Ferrell’s MTV Movie Awards Speech, No One Knows If It Was Planned

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Anyone who’s familiar with Parks & Recreation actress (and Upright Citizens Brigade alum – holla!) Aubrey Plaza knows that her sense of humour is dry, and that’s being generous. So during last night’s MTV Movie Awards when she jumped on stage in the middle of Will Ferrell‘s acceptance speech for his ‘Comedic Genius‘ prize, no one really knew what to make of it… and they still kind of don’t.

MTV has said that the stunt was not planned at all and that producers asked Aubrey to leave the show shortly after, but LOL to that. She doesn’t seem to bothered about it herself and even took to Twitter to joke about it, so… whatever, I guess?

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  • If you search the hashtag on her collarbone, you will find it could be just a marketing stunt for her new movie

  • Planned or not, it wasn’t funny. Just a plug for her movie and her face had stupid written all over it by the time she sat back down in her seat.

  • Yeah, I agree it wasn’t funny, it was totally awkward but it seems that a lot of people looked WTF the hashtag was about… So funny or not, I think it served its purpose

  • the joke fell flat, but worked for publicity…i guess. i remember her on Portlandia season 1; i’m thinkin’ awkward is what she does best. whatever – fred & carrie do it better. take a memo, shweetheart!