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Celebrities Respond to Nasty Tweets

Oh this is great. Really and truly great. Will Ferrell? Unbelievable. You’ve got to have a certain amount of talent to completely deliver the lines that he does in such a deadpan way. And even though the video, yeah, features a bunch of celebrities, let’s talk about Will Ferrell for a minute. OK?

I began completely detesting Will Ferrell when that dumb movie, Old School came out. I thought it was a disgusting, horrible abhorrence of a film and from then on, Will Ferrell was practically blacklisted in my book. I automatically nixed any movie in which he played a main character (with the exception of Elf and when he did the voice of Megamind in Megamind) and determined that any movie that had the audacity to star Will Ferrell automatically had to be the disappointing shart of three-day constipation. But he’s changed! Or I have, I don’t know. He’s a lot more humorous to me than he was ten years ago, and maybe that’s because I’m more secure in my comedic tastes. I don’t know. I don’t care. In any case, I’m really glad that I’ve come over to the other side, because his new movie, Casa de mi Padre, looks pretty amusing. And he appears naked in it. Not that it’s a sexually appealing thing, no; if Will Ferrell is going to be naked, you have to bet that poop or giant puffs of ball hair or something has got to be involved.

From Contact Music:

Will Ferrell says he wanted “the entire crew to be naked” while filming a sex scene in his latest movie ‘Casi [sic] de mi Padre’. The comedian stars in the newly released Spanish language movie about the son of a cattle rancher whose land is threatened by a drug trafficker.

Will’s character Armando Alvarez and Genesis Rodriguez’s Sonia get close during on scene, but Ferrell admitted it wasn’t all that sexy on-set, telling E! Online, “It’s not usually a funny situation when you look over and see an overweight crew guy with a cigarette hanging out of his mouth staring at you.He’s naked, too. The entire crew had to be naked”. Rodriquez, who took part in the same interview, didn’t find the scene particularly seductive either, saying, “The foreplay, there’s a lot of massaging involved and karate chopping.A lot of butt massaging and butt kneading and just randomness. It’s a little bit awkward. It’s not sexy.”

Yeah, the movie might suck, but this one scene will probably make the entire thing worthwhile.

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  • well you totally suck. whats with all the personal thoughts BS as of late? great, you’re a mom and you’re lame as fuck. yay!

  • I can’t believe you didn’t like Old School. If you ever went to college, you’d recognize it’s brilliance. That’s a funny movie.

    • What does going to college have to do with liking Old School? I went to college and I think the movie is crap; my husband didn’t go to college and he loves it…

    • Classic stereotypes of college folks that you meet on campus throughout that movie. Granted, a lot of the humor appeals to the male funny bone.