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Taylor Swift Doesn’t Like Famous Guys, They Like Her

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Hurrah, it’s another Taylor Swift dating story! We haven’t had one of those in… a day. This time around, Taylor’s been saying that her slew of famous boyfriends – from Harry Styles to Jake Gyllenhaal – weren’t really her doing because she’s not into celeb dudes, they’re actually more into her.

From The Times (via Now):

‘It’s not like I go for people in the entertainment industry,’ says Taylor, 23.

‘Those have been the types who have kind of gone for me recently.’

Taylor’s known for writing songs about her relationships but she’s not worried about it scaring potential suitors away.

‘You never know who doesn’t ask you out,’ the I Knew You Were Trouble’ singer tells The Times Magazine.

‘But I’m not scared of it. Because I know I’m not going to stop writing songs about my life.

‘So if someone’s scared of that, then that’s not going to work anyway.’

Well… last time I checked, you weren’t obliged to go out with someone just because they show interest in you. Second of all, what happened to being single forever? And yeah, anyone who’s with an artist should figure that you will show up in their work in one way or another (though some would hope not so blatantly), but it almost sounds like she dates these bros just to get a story to write a song about. Don’t get me wrong – I still think she gets more of a hard time than she would if she was a man, but I think she needs to take a deep breath for a moment.

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  • She’s so inconsiderate and selfish. When she writes these songs she’s only telling her side of the story and gives people the impression that how she sees things is exactly how it went which, in not one relationship, is ever how it goes. Unless someone just flat out treats the other like total shit, there’s usually two sides to every break up. And she’s setting herself up for a lifetime of failure in the love department. Because she can “warn” all the men she wants and talk about how “it won’t last anyway” if they can’t deal with how she writes her songs, but doesn’t she see how unfair that is? There could be guys who would treat her really nice and have a great relationship with but they don’t want to date her bc of the shit she pulls. I don’t care how popular or truthful her songs are, people don’t want the details of their personal lives played on every radio station and sung by every teenager in the country. It’s just rude. I don’t understand how she doesn’t see their side of this. It’s like she only cares about her career and basically says “oh well deal with it or there’s the door this is how I roll”. It’s like, get over yourself bitch. Try thinking of your boyfriend for once instead of your damn career and maybe he will stick around longer than two months.

  • I bet her relationships only last a couple of months bc she let’s them see her crazy side too soon, lol. Like anytime they get into a little tiff and he tries to call her to see what’s up she either sends him to voice mail and shoots him a text instead like “Leave me alone! Can’t talk anyway.. busy writing ” or says condescending shit like “Oh you can’t hang out this weekend? No no it’s ok.. I’m not upset. I’ll gotta catch up on some work anyway.. deadline’s coming up”. And then they see just how nuts she is and SLOWLY back away, hahahaha.

  • “it almost sounds like she dates these bros just to get a story to write a song about”

    Ha, I didn’t think of *that* before reading this. That’s a great means of promotion. Taylor Swift is a marketing genius…lol..