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Selena Gomez Mimics All Men, Runs Away From Jennifer Aniston

selena gomez jennifer aniston

Oh, come on, I’m kidding with that headline! I’m a staunch Team Jen supporter, as is Selena Gomez, who couldn’t contain her excitement when meeting the actress at some swanky Hollywood event and instead of speaking to her, went and hid. Well, that was smooth.

Recalling the experience in an interview with Radio Disney, Selena recalled:

“I ran away from Jennifer Aniston when she said, ‘Hi’, I was terrified of her. I was scared, so I ran away and I’m really embarrassed about that.”

“I didn’t know what to do – it’s Rachel.”

I think lots of people in my generation (and the one below mine, apparently) have had that big Friends connection – who didn’t grow up watching it? Who doesn’t watch it still every time one of the 8,000 stations that syndicates the series plays it, no matter how many times you’ve seen the episode? Who remembers the Pottery Barn episode (which is one of my favourites)? I rest my case.

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  • Oh puke. I hope she isn’t looking up to this old tired looking talentless skank all Aniston does is cash cheques she can’t act for shit or carry a movie she sucks flop city

  • I’m going to say something crazy here….but the Pottery Barn episode solidified for me why I never liked Phoebe.

  • I sincerely never thought Friends was funny (except for the Smelly Cat thing), and it always blew my mind that it aired back-to-back with Seinfeld, which was the anti-Friends. Talk about worlds colliding…

    • yup. not funny. though i can dig a little aniston in office space, but that’s where i draw the line.

  • Smartest thing little miss disney has ever done was running away from Jen Aniston. You definately do NOT want to pattern your movie career after hers. Ok sure she gets paid but she must be sleeping her way into parts because she’s a terrible actor

  • I met someone in PR a few weeks ago who told me that Jen is absolutely loved in the industry. This person went out to dinner with Jen and some other industry people and Jen picked up the tab for everyone and paid several waitresses a tip of $400 each. She’s one of the nicest people working in hollywood today. So people love hiring her and working alongside her. I do think she needs to pick better projects, and get away from rom-coms to do more comedic stuff, but she’s talented when she’s got the right vehicle. If she weren’t, studios would have given up on her. Her movies, yes even the crappy ones, tend to make pretty good money, all things considered. Just food for thought.

  • One night of insomnia had me watch her in the drama with Jake G entitled “The Good Girl.” Maybe it is just me but she sure was awkward doing drama. And her accent physically hurt my ears. I’m from the Midwest and I hear drawls and country folks all the time. She needed more vocal coaching or something. But if she is a nice person in an industry full of asshats and holier than Thou types, more power to her.

  • Selena is hot for Brad AND Jennifer. Oh Gawd. She probably wants to bonk them both at once. Sick. I see why she dated Justin. She is mentally challenged.

    • Y’all saw the Ellen DeGeneres interview where Selena was presented with her crush, Brad Pitt, right?

  • I never watched Friends & my friends didn’t either. Guess we were the wrong demographic for Friends.

    • Me neither. I had on room mate who was addicted to it. I’ve seen about 5 episodes. I’m not into sitcoms like that. Give me South Park.