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Jennifer Aniston Doesn’t Want Another Brad Pitt Situation With Justin Theroux

Oh, Jennifer Aniston. She had such a bad rap as a serial dater and desperate harpy – that is, before she settled down with fiancé Justin Theroux (which earned her the title of homewrecker, considering he was in another relationship at the time). Still, I can’t help but like her for reasons I can’t explain, so don’t ask me. Perhaps it’s a mix of my attachment to Friends, slight pity/solidarity over the whole Brad/Angelina thing and jealousy over how amazing her hair is at all times. Either way, I’m Team Jen. Is that still a thing, or did it stop in like, 2009?

Anyway, as Jen and Justin prepare to walk down the aisle, she’s apparently tried to nip any problems in the bud before they start by sending the couple to a marriage boot camp, where according to Grazia, they had to partake in therapy sessions, couples’ massages and screaming their feelings out. Sounds… fun? A source told the magazine that “she thought it would be a good idea to start married life rid of any problems”.

However, UPDATE! According to HollyScoop, Jen’s rep denied any such boot camp attendance, saying, “It’s all just more rubbish! Not true at all.”

Well, as if they’re going to admit it! But listen, whatever works. We can all use a little therapy sometimes, I guess?

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  • She chases every man in her life away with her crazy ways !!!! They are never gonna get married and if they do it won’t last because she’s nuts but she’ll blame it on him or his next girl just like brad and Angie she will never admit she’s the one with problem that’s why she’ll grow old alone !!!!