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Bethenny Frankel Speaks: Divorcing Hoppy Is The Worst

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When Bethenny and Hoppy from The Real Housewives of New York got together, everyone thought it was true love (well, you know). They were perfect together! He was successful in his own right and totally not put off by her ambitions and they just gelled well. Unfortunately that love came to an end last year and the pair decided to divorce – a decision which Bethenny has admitted was the most difficult in her life.

From Good Day New York:

“It’s rough. I have to say, divorce is the most difficult thing you could ever go through in your entire life.”

“It’s just a brutal unnatural situation and you sort of end up in a situation you thought you’d never be in.”

Well, yeah. I break down in tears over a fight about what’s for dinner, so coping with ending a relationship with the person you wanted to spend your life with would probably finish me off for good.

You can listen to Bethenny discuss her divorce below and talk in the comments about how much worse RHONY is without her (cos, come on, it so is).

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  • Try losing a child, suffering chronic pain…the list is very long and divorce is at the bottom. I’ve been married a long time. If I were to divorce, I’m sure it would be painful. That being said, I know that its not the worst thing ever. Bethany is very shallow.

  • When I saw that they were really divorcing a while back, it actually made me cry. I don’t care that much about her, but I thought the two of them had a great dynamic and really seemed perfect for each other (and I loved the show Bethenny Getting Married, I’m not going to lie).

  • She is one of the most grating personalities on Bravo, next to Patti Stanger. It shows how self-centered and out-of-touch she is that she doesn’t even consider actual, terrible tragedies that people endure. Not to mention the fact that this is her SECOND divorce. Jason is lucky to get out, if you ask me.