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Bethenny Frankel is SUCH a Hero

I haven’t really gotten into how much I LOVE me some Bethenny Frankel on here yet, but now’s the perfect time because homegirl is getting sued for a cool $100 million.

As you’ve probably heard by now, she recently sold her company, SkinnyGirl, for $120 million dollars. That’s a lot of money for just about any self-made business woman (or anyone,) but for a Real Housewife? Good luck trying to top that, Jill Zarin of Zarin Fabrics.

Now that she’s made bank, all the sneaky little rodents who helped her out along the way are crawling back out of their gutters to try and grab a piece of her fortune, and one ex-manager is coming after her for $100 million, saying that since he was the one who introduced her to the liquor reps she grew SkinnyGirl with, he’s responsible for her success.

Bethenny released a statement today, and in true baller-ass bitch fashion, she brought it. She said, “Life is good for me with all the things that are most important, namely family. But let’s be clear, I am a strong woman, and I am not afraid and won’t back down when I’m bullied by something with zero merit. Success is earned by hard work, not taking advantage of others. Unfortunately, one of the signs of success is being the subject of frivolous lawsuits, like this one. This is simply someone with his hand out, who did nothing to earn it, and I am not going to be bullied.”

Damn. She later added, “We are exploring all of our options, including filing counterclaims against these people.”

You GO, Bethenny. I couldn’t be happier for her, her adorable husband Jason or her baby if I tried. Can’t wait to see her shut down this cretin in court.

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  • Betthany is a pill popping, bulemic girl with a TERRIBLE, NASTY personality. Everyone in NY and the Hamptons knows what she is really like and its nothing like what she portrays on tv at all. She rode alot of peoples coat tails to the top BUT has forgotten everyone who helped her now that she has what she wants. I hope all he rmoney buys her a nice apt to hole up in in NY because everyone there hates her.

  • I think Bethenny is wonderful, she inspires me all of her so called ex friends adored her and are just spiteful & jealous. lol@crazy kelly comment. keep bethenney’s name out of your mouth if you dont ave anything nice to say.

  • wtf@she looks like a cancer patient. Cancer is very serious and nothing to joke about you insignificant ignaorant nitwit. Why dont you stop hating on bethenney. She has always been slender and it’s not like she’s 6ft tall. Come off it and just be happy for someone who we got to see go through bull-ish on the show & rise above it. ignorant comments like other people’s probably make her laugh and she’s laughing all the way to the bank. ka-ching that!