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Okay, We Get It: LeAnn Rimes’ Feud With Brandi Glanville Is “Difficult”

brandi glanville leann rimes

Here’s something that will shock you: Brandi Glanville and LeAnn Rimes don’t get along. They never have, they never will, nothing will ever change. There are no new developments in their relationship, nothing new has happened… and yet they’re both still talking about it. You’d think, after LeAnn made a final “I’m done apologizing!” statement last month that she was finally ready to move on with her life, but you’d be wrong, because she’s got more to say and it’s something you’ve never heard before (kidding, you’ve totally heard it a million times).

From Fabulous:

Eddie’s ex-wife, Brandi, has been pretty vocal about her feelings for you. What’s your relationship like now?

That’s where you write “insert face reaction here”.

Eek… That doesn’t sound good.

It’s been really difficult. You have to stand up for yourself and be your own person, but at the same time you have to protect these children and their hearts. And that’s a very tough balance.

Do you have any regrets?

I don’t like that word. Do I wish I handled it differently? Absolutely. No one wants to hurt anyone or put themselves through hurt. I think the only other thing we could’ve done would have been to get out of our marriages before anything happened. It was tough, and it all happened very fast. I felt so ashamed and guilty.

God, we get it. And why are people still asking about this like some new revelation is going to come to light? Just make it stop. At least Brandi seems preoccupied at the moment with her one-time fling with Gerard Butler, even though he didn’t even remember her name.

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    • She’s/he’s on Celebitchy with the name “why?”. Whenever I’m feeling blue, I go check out their Leann stories to get a dose of guest. Cheers me right up.

      • I hear you are Gossip Rocks with the name FLYGIRL. And on Celebrity Bitchy posting as JAYNA. Whenever anyone is feeling blue, they go check out their Leann stories to get a dose of you and all those people you pretend to be. Cheersus right up.

        Why are you on Perez Hilton making all those hate posts about Brandi?

      • @CHAZ

        We know that isn’t true. You surf whereever Leann tells you to go. You know that things are bad for Leann when Leann sends CHAZ out to do her dirty work.

        I think it’s funny that Leann was tweeting to AMEJEAN just yesterday and then “CHAZ” pops back up in these threads.

    • Leann is having a major meltdown on twitter, so I knew it wouldn’t be too long before she sent you here. You are going to start this all over again? C’mon CHAZ….we are all waiting for the real scoop! Why does Leann send you here?

      • Theres the crazy we’ve missed!! HUZZAH HUZZAH HUZZAH! Besides, I always check this site, I don’t need a has-been country singer to send me anywhere. Welcome back guest, welcome back!

      • Mireee, you never said how Gay Paree was, and I still die laughing every time I think about the time you called Julia “fucktrumpet” its still my word of the year!

      • And yet again here is CHAZ and bonnakins following right behind one anothter! What did Leann promise you because you are going nuts today?

      • The fact that you remembered I went to Paris, Chaz! You’re my fave. It was fabuleux. Btw, I have learned a new amazing word, shitlord! I love it.

      • @Mireeeee

        I see that you and CHAZ are in the Rihanna thread having a great time name calling! So once again I see another poster calling CHAZ out on his craziness.

  • @MEH

    I also heard you are Radaronline posting as Mary Starr!!!! Wow, just wow, you have been very busy.

    I hear you are Gossip Rocks with the name FLYGIRL. And on Celebrity Bitchy posting as JAYNA. Whenever anyone is feeling blue, they go check out their Leann stories to get a dose of you and all those people you pretend to be. Cheersus right up.

    Why are you on Perez Hilton making all those hate posts about Brandi?

    • The 4 times I’ve posted on Celebitchy, it’s been as meh. But thanks for trying.

      P.S. I missed you.

      • Yes we know that you post more than 4 times on Celebrity using other names besides MEH!!!!

        P.S Leann has missed you posting on this site in her favor!

        Again, why do you CHAZ both show up posting at the same time?


    That is so strange that LIZ and MEH(aka FLYGIRL/JAYNA) pops back out when CHAZ does. Things are really bad for Leann because “meh”/CHAZ/LIZ are back into action. I wonder what happened for Leann to send her twitter buddies here. Don’t you love how Leann plants her fans on these sites?

    • We’re actually both regular visitors to this site and comment on a lot of stuff so ya know…our paths cross.

      • @MEH

        Everyone knows that your paths cross because you are one in the same! So MEH do your paths also cross on Radaronline too?

  • So you know that person who is always posting the “whenever I feel sad I just go the Leann threads to read the comments for a good laugh…”? It’s been this MEH person the entire time. I love that Leann’s fans are not very bright! What’s with Leann’s fans stalking people? I hear a lot of people on Radaronline are complaining about Leann’s fans stalking them and using their names on other sites!

  • @CHAZ

    Theres the crazy we’ve missed!! I knew it was coming because Leann has been acting very crazy on twitter. Just tell us what bad info about Leann is about to hit because you only drag out the CHAZ/LIZ/MEH combo when things are really bad for Leann.

    Are you seriously going to talk about CRAZY when your posts have been removed from this site repeatedly by the new staff?You always check this site? Really? Wheren’t you just whining just last week about how you weren’t going to post here anymore because they were deleting your comments?

    Of course you need a hasbeen country star to send you here. Leann sent you some love on twitter yesterday and here you are today holding up that bargain! Welcome back CHAZ the 40 year old man who is obsessed with dirty tampons, welcome back! I sent your comments to Celebrity Bitchy letting them know that you will trolling their site and stalking their posters! L

      • (I feel like Brandi now talking about her time with Gerald Butler… oh guest, how could you?)

      • Hey! You are drinking again! I left pikki nikki out on purpose because I knew that you would show up as one of your other personalities to correct it. Things must be really bad for Leann! So what did she offer you this time? A free concert?

      • Of course you feel like Brandi talking about her time with Gerald Butler, word is that you had a great time talking about Brandi and Gerald Butler on Radaronline when you posted as Mary Starr! oh Chaz/Liz/Meh/Pikki Nikki/CAS/bonnakins, how could you? You know that things have gotten bad for Leann when CHAZ’s persona start hitting the thread hard. So how long are you going to go today?

    • Reread the posts, I said I was going to checkout dlisted. Also, Ive NEVER said my posts had been deleted. Your reading comprehension hasn’t noticeably improved.

      • @CHAZ

        This is what you wrote: “Thanks meh, I will have to check it out. I only surf here and sometimes dlisted!”

        Since “MEH” was talking about Celebrity Bitchy and not dlisted, that means you did say that you were going to Celebrity Bitchy. You lie even when the evidence is right there. That is crazy. Your reading comprehension hasn’t noticeably improved.

        Since you lied about what you said about going to Celebrit Bitchy, that means you are also lying about your posts being deleted too. You went on a rant last week, whining about how you have been on your best behavior and that you weren’t going to hold back anymore because your posts were being deleted.

      • Why do Leann’s fans play dumb when they get caught in their lies?

        This is the post that I sent to Celebrity Bitchy:
        ” Chaz says: April 10, 2013 at 12:35 pm Thanks meh, I will have to check it out. I only surf here and sometimes dlisted!”

        I also included your dirty tampon post and the other crazy posts you left here, along with your “Guestlover” post and the comment you made admitting it was you because you even used the same icon for the post!

        I also sent your rant about your posts being deleted.

      • I hope you at least gave them some context as to why you were sending them those comments because otherwise, people are going to be extremely confused.

      • @MEH

        The posts you made as CHAZ/MEH speak for themselves. What are you afraid of? The only thing that is going to extremely confuse anyone is why a 50 year old man is on sites posting things like this. Perhaps you should have thought before you went stalking people like you have been doing to those people on Radaronline.

      • It’s probably about as confusing as why you spend your days on a “celebrity’s” twitter and know absolutely everything about them. You know people get restraining orders for obsessives like you, right?

    • @bonnakins

      I didn’t forget LIZ :”Just tell us what bad info about Leann is about to hit because you only drag out the CHAZ/LIZ/MEH combo when things are really bad for Leann”

      It’s time for you to put that beer down.

      • I was just shy of six years old when Woodstock happened. Ive always been a babe magnet, but even I would have had difficulties getting women at that age!

      • @CHAZ

        If you were a babe magnet there is no way that you would be making comments in a Selena Gomez thread. Creepy. A 50 year old man posting in a Selena Gomez thread. We know that you have difficulty getting women, hence the posts about dirty tampons and girl wood.

      • Do you recall that the poster on the Selena thread asked Sarah to post pics of her kids, if it wasn’t creepy? I thought not, you’ve a selective memory and reading skills too,

      • @CHAZ

        As opposed to what? You talking about Sarah’s breasts and her getting girl wood? And your 50 year old brain doesn’t seem to think how creepy that is. A 50 year old man talking to woman who could be the same age as his daughter if he had one? It’s you who has selective memory and reading skills, hence why the best you can do is name calling. And why you are flipping out because someone dared to warn others about you trolling their site.

      • Hey, Sarah has a great pair of tits, they’re real and spectacular! And she does, in fact, sport girl-wood when appropriate! Poor guest, like Don Quixote, always chasing windmills!

  • @CHAZ

    Which is even more embarassing for you. A grown 50 year old man name calling and posting about dirty tampons. That makes you the fucktrumpet! I hope no one in your neighborhood has disappeared.

      • @CHAZ

        Repeating that you are grown 49 year old man doesn’t change the embarassment factor for you. You are near 50 years old and you are still acting like this? Did you not get your thorazine today?

  • CHAZ is back, he is tired of his posts being deleted and he isn’t cooperating anymore, you here that!

  • @CHAZ

    It’s more like you are following Leann’s train of thought. You claim that you didn’t say what you did when the post is right in your face so “momentary lapses” in concentration are a norm for you! What 50 year old grown man spends his time talking about dirty tampons and girl wood? The ones like the man from the Lovely Bones. Hopefully no one in your neighborhood has gone missing.

  • CHAZ/MEH/bonnakins is really freaking out and all because I sent his posts to warn a site that he is going to troll their site and harass people. Why do Leann’s fans think that they can harass and stalk people without having to deal with that consequence?

    Why did MEH show up when CHAZ did?

  • This sucks…. Guest just keeps rehashing the old stuff we said… No originality, no imagination… Oh well, it was worth a try!

    • Of course this sucks for you…you are 50 years old. We know that you don’t have any originality or no imagination, it’s why you resort to name calling. If you didn’t want anyone to rehash the old stuff, then perhaps you should think before you post. A grown 50 year old man who posts abut dirty tampons shouldn’t be calling anyone crazy or posting about how he is going to troll another site.

  • @CHAZ

    Says the 50 year old man who is obsessed with dirty tampons. You truly are, nuttier than a shit-house rat! Judges? Well that explains why your posts were deleted by the new staff.


    You know people get restraining orders for obsessives like you, right? Which explains why you are freaking out because I sent your posts to Celebrity Bitchy. It’s probably about as confusing as why you spend your days whining about people looking at a “celebrity’s” twitter and then boo hooing because everyone knows absolutely everything about Leann because she overshares.

    Speaking of twitter, you(Mary Starr) obsess about Brandi’s tweets on Radaronline. Leann’s fans aren’t very bright. They never follow the rules that they impose on others.

  • @CHAZ

    Poor CHAZ, like Don Quixote, always chasing windmills! 50 years olds and the hightlight of his world is posting about Sarah’s breasts and girl wood. 50 years old. This is behaviort you would expect from a 15 year old. So CHAZ has some severe mental problems. What’s spectaculat is that you are this stupid. I know you think you are being funny, but you just give even more reason to support why your posts were deleted.

  • Writer Jennifer, Guest is the psycho that ruins the site and accuses everyone in the world of being just one person, while cutting and pasting all their retorts no matter how nonsensical the thread becomes. As you are able to see IP addresses, you will see right away that people reading here come from all over the world. Good luck to you, if you let it stay here.
    Best wishes to you Chaz, it’s still not worth dropping by here.

    • Cas baby……. Please don’t leave, we kind of asked her to pop back in! Btw, would you please drop me an email?

      • @CHAZ

        You asked me to pop back in? There you have it out of CHAZ’s own mouth, HE started this nonsense. Thanks for proving “CAS” wrong. Why are you begging yourself not to leave and to send emails? CAS gave it away that she was posting as Anonymous when the Anonymous poster said that I called her “Brenda” and I called “CAS” “Brenda”.

    • Writer Jennifer, CranAppleSnapple/CHAZ and all it’s personalities is the psycho that ruins the site and gets mad because he gets accused for posting under all these different names, while whining about how people are cutting and pasting his words because everything that he says about others applies to him no matter how nonsensical the thread becomes. As you are able to see IP addresses and this poster has a history of using proxies, you will see right away that this person can make it seem like people reading here come from all over the world. Don’t you think it’s odd how he goes nuts like this at the mention that other sites are being warned about him trolling their posters?

      Did you know that Cran Apple Snapple harasses people on Superficial? How did I find out about this? Just like “MEH” posted about Celebrity Bitchy, someone showed up accusing posting about a poster from The Superficial. I went to The Superficial and what did I see? Posts made by Cran Apple Snapple harassing a poster(everytime that person made a comment, she would call that person Brandi Glanville) and she was using the same language that we witness CHAZ using.

      Why would anyone think that CAS/CHAZ is posting under all these different names? One day an Anonymous mysterious appeared on this site claiming that I called her “Brenda”. The problem. I never called the anonymous person “Brenda”. I called Cran Apple Snapple when she pulled this same stunt that we are witnessing today in November.

      Good luck to you, if you let it stay here but CAS/CHAZ got away with this behavior and now it thinks that it can do it now by claiming he is the victim. Why is CHAS/CAS using this site to stalk other posters? He is just mad because I posted about warning other sites.

      No Best wishes to your other personality Chaz, if it’s still not worth dropping by here why was CAS posting as Anonymous?

    • @CAS

      The stalker on The Superficial.

      By your same logic that means that CHAZ/Liz/bonnakins/meh/you should be removed from the site.

      Cran Apple Snapple also launched a major smear campaign against the teacher Leann is suing. She even attacked a blogger because the blogger sided with the teacher instead of with Leann. But she is the victim…

      • Let this be a lesson kids…. This is what happens when you mix psychotropic drugs and conspiracy. HELP, THE PARANOIDS ARE AFTER ME!

  • Let this be a lesson kids…. This is what happens when a 50 year old grown man who has little to no contact outside of his mother’s basement mixes psychotropic drugs and conspiracy. HELP, he thinks he can now clean up his mess by claming that people are being PARANOID. I wouldn’t be surprised if the police were after him. This probably isn’t the first time that he has faced questions about his behavior.

    This is quite some tantrum he throwing and all because he thought he was going to troll another site without being called on it.

    • Hate to disappoint, parents have been dead for years, don’t have a basement, never been arrested.

      • You also said that you said that you weren’t going to Celebrity Bitchy. Hate to disappoint, you are a liar. You lie even when the evidence is right here for us all to see.

        By “dead” you probably mean your parents disowned. If you don’t have a basement then you have one those underground bunkers like the guy in Lovely Bones. With the posts that you have been making someone has filed a complaint against you somewhere.

  • @CHAZ

    “DEAD” as in they disowned you. You also claimed that you didn’t say you were going to Celebrity Bitchy, so you can’t get mad when people don’t believe you, ya troll.

    • Dead as in buried, like your parents wish you were! Been fun yanking chains with ya guest, but I need to sleep! Goodnight!

      • But you weren’t yanking chains. You were upset because your plans to troll Celebrity Bitchy and it’s posters were ruined.

  • @CHAZ

    “DEAD” as in your parents disowned you. So your parents wished that you were buried. You are a grown 50 year old man posting in Selena Gomez threads, you have to understand why they would disown you. Of course it’s been fun, so much fun that you are going to come back tomorrow and do the same thing! Or are you just going to come back 5 min later with a different names?

    Goodnight! “Sleep” you mean you have to leave your underground bunker to go stocking the women in your neighborbood.

  • CHAZ exits and “different” person shows up to pick up where he left off? Is anyone surprised?

  • Silly goose, had I commented at the start of this, or in the middle of this, or 3/4 of the way through, you’d accuse me of that. I was merely testing the waters, poking to see if the thread was still alive… IT’S ALIVE!!!!! :D

    Hi Gwen, nice to see ya.

      • @CHAZ

        And yet here you are back again, the 50 year old man who is obsesed with dirty tampons. And all because you can’t stand the fact that someone dared to warn other sites and their posters that you would be trolling their site.

  • @pikki nikki polka pants (aka “Selena”)

    Silly goose, if you don’t want to get accused then stop doing stupid stuff. Of course you were “testing” the waters and “poking” to see if the thread was still alive, you just aren’t very bright. It hurts you everytime. IT’S ALIVE because just like I said you came back!!!!! :D

    Isn’t stalking people on other sites what got you in trouble earlier today, “MEH”?

    Hi “Selena”/ “T”/”Gisele”, nice to see ya. I hear you have been trolling Just Jared using names from Radaronline and Perez Hilton to make posts, sorta like what you had planned for Celebrity Bitchy before I outted you.

    So are you going to come back and make more name calling posts or are you going to “test” the waters again by showing up with a different name? Leann fans, you gotta love them they try so hard and fail so misersbly.

    Are you the same “NICOLE” who stalks Brandi on twitter? You send her some crazy tweets.

  • I think it’s funny that “pikki nikki/meh” shows up stalking people and then gets offended because people warn it’s targets.

  • Funny that CHAZ likes posting in the Selena Gomez threads and then pikki nikki used that name for 2 weeks to stalk and harass people on another site!

  • I didn’t read the EB post because these women do not interest me, and I did not read all 80-some comments because that would take too much of my time. But from the few that I did read and as a perpetual student of psychology, I am concerned about “Guest”………………………..

  • seriously, what the hell is going on here? this is the most bizarre and confusing rant i’ve ever read.

    • An old animosity that was rekindled yesterday. Guest vs every sane, rational, thinking person in the world.

      • @CHAZ

        I showed your posts to a professional and it’s clear based on their assessement that you clearly are not a sane rational person. The old animosity was rekindled when I said that I was sending your comments to Celebrity Bitchy to warn them about you trolling their site and their posters. You completely flipped.

      • @CHAZ

        Yeah… because that’s what a sane,rational 50 year old grown man would do…You are throwing a huge tantrum because someone dared to warn others of his trolling.

        You are just mad because even a professional agrees that you are not sane.

    • Leann sends her fans here to post. On Wednesday Leann gave Amejean(aka Chaz) some love on twitter and now he is here returning the favor.

    • Guest is a Rimes-Savant/Brandi-Retentive anti-social paranoid, and is currently institutionalized on a voluntary basis, but can only communicate with the outside world on a smuggled smart-phone. She sometimes graces us with her lunacy.

      • CHAZ is a Rimes-Savant/Brandi-Retentive anti-social paranoid, and is currently institutionalized on a voluntary basis, but can only communicate with the outside world on a smuggled smart-phone. He sometimes graces us with his lunacy.

  • Okay; I’ve wasted work time and read MOST of these comments–honestly, I had to stop because they are just ridiculous.

    My personal opinion? For what it’s worth? Why do you care, Guest, if anyone “trolls” gossip sites? You seem overly consumed by this. And I know you have consistently reminded Chaz, and everyone else, how old Chaz is–though seemingly you are off by a year–but how old are you? Old enough to preoccupy yourself in healthier ways?

    I have read posts by Chaz on this site before and I don’t particularly remember offensive stuff, but even if I did–it wouldn’t be the first time someone tried to be offensive, and I don’t really care if people are offensive. Remember EvilBeetDouche? That person cracked me up, but I can see how he/she might be offensive to others.

    Chaz, for what’s it’s worth–I’d just ignore Guest. Reading a bit of this thread he/she was really goading you. Don’t take the bait (anymore).

    Also, what are the chances this all a big charade crafted to instigate attention for this blog? I mean, does Leann Rimes actually know this blog exists? Really?

    • You aren’t at all transparent are you?

      For what it’s worth? Why aren’t you concerned that CHAZ “trolls” gossip sites? You seem overly consumed by this. And if you don’t like the fact that people consistently remind Chas about how old he is then, then perhaps you should tell your friend to seek help. He should is old enough to preoccupy himself in healthier ways other than making threats to troll other sites and obsessing over dirty tampons?

      Why are you acting like CHAZ is the victim? CHAZ admitted in his earlier posts that he goads others. CHAZ has to bait, it’s what Leann sent him here to do.

      Yes Leann does know that this blog exists. She sent someone here by the name of “Andrea” who she had been tweeting with all day long to post here.

      • Mcmiller, no worries..CHAZ just cracks everyone up! No one can believe that a 50 year old grown man is acting like this.

        You definately don’t remember CHAZ making a comment about dirty tampons? Why does everyone assiociated with CHAZ play dumb?

        Here it is: CHAZ posting about dirty tampons. It’s in the “Leann adopted a dog” thread.

        “Chaz says: November 9, 2012 at 6:45 pm Cas, thats hilarious!! After seeing the response from “guest” I wish you had found an image of a used tampon or something!!”

        What grown 50 year old man would ask for photos of a dirty tampon? None.

  • What a dirty pig!

    Also, with all of your alters are in serious contention for ousting Eve as one of the most beloved DID case studies. Great work.

    • Are you still posting? After you wrote the comment about people being overly invested, I thought you would stop posting! I love the hypocrisy though.

      • CHAZ

        Of course she rocks. She is another one of those posters who pop out of the blue to side with you and how nice it comes after you were told that a professional looked at your posts and people were being warned about you trolling. How odd. She alsp claims to have never seen you make a post about dirty tampons, so she already admits that she has been reading and posting here for quite some time.

  • @CHAZ

    Mcmiller, surely you can see where CHAZ asked=WISHED to see a dirty tampon. It’s funny how he just keeps on trying to spin the truth.

    Why is CHAZ playing dumb? Let’s break it down for CHAZ/

    1) Synonym for Wish= request (verb)

    2) Synonyms for request=inquire, invite, plead, seek, solicit, summon.

    3) What’s the defintion of inquire?

    Ask for information from someone: ““How much do you know?” he inquired of me”; “he inquired about cottages for sale”.

    4) So why does CHAZ keep insisting that he didn’t ask? Does he not understand his own posts?

  • I knew it. A day before a negative article about Leann hits the internet Leann and her fans go berserk.

    From Radaronline:LeAnn Rimes ‘Far From The Innocent Victim She Portrays’ & Using Lawsuit Against Teacher For Publicity, New Court Papers Charge

    “Her staff, agents, attorney and others have lost no chance to give interviews, sent ‘twitter’ messages or otherwise publicize the alleged incident through electronic media.”

    Smiley’s new court papers charge that Rimes invasion of privacy claim is invalid because Rimes was in a crowded cafe, “in the company of her admirers, all of who could and did easily hear both sides of the conversation.”

    California penal code on confidential communications specifically excludes communication made in a public gathering or in a circumstance where it is reasonable to expect the communication may be overheard, according to the papers.

      • @CHAZ

        How long did it take you to come up with that? You do realize that you just made a post about Leann/Brandi, right? You also made one at 10:32 am. For a 50 year old grown man why are you so dense?

        Isn’t this an article about Leann/Brandi? So the fact that you are even posting in a Leann/Brandi thread even hurts your argument.

        You are just upset because your “I didn’t ask” comment backfired.

      • Oh…sure, I’m making posts about Leann. Must have slipped my mind.Thanks for setting me straight…

  • @CHAZ

    Oh…sure, you are making posts about Leann just look at the recent comment you just made at 2pm. Must have slipped your mind, just like you didn’t say that you were going to Celebrity Bitchy and you “didn’t” ask to see dirty tampons.Thanks for setting us straight…by posting yet another post about Leann Rimes in a thread that is about Leann and Eddie.

    It’s stupid for you to whine about people talking about Leann/Brandi since afterall this IS a Leann/Brandi thread.

  • It’s like my birthday and Christmas all in one! Guest, you’re back and you’re even throwing gems like, “he inquired about cottages for sale”, while going rounds with Chaz! Oh, how I have missed you.

      • @CHAZ

        Oh CHAZ, why would you trade in your underground bunker for a cottage? And you came back again to make even more posts!

        Thanks for writing ney instead of net because know we see another icon to associate with you.

    • @Cindy

      Which was completely valid since CHAZ claimed that he didn’t ask to see photos of tampons. Oh how I have missed the craziness of these Leann fans when things don’t go Leann’s way.

  • CHAZ, the 50 year old man who is obsessed with tampons, has infilterated Celebrity Bitchy today! That explains why he was so upset last week. Didn’t CHAZ say that he never said that he was going to Celebrity Bitchy to make comments? So why is he on Celebrity Bitchy posting today?

  • Didn’t say I wouldn’t post there either brainiac…. I think your just bitter because the first thing you said, while having sex for the first time was: “Uncledad, are you surrrre we should be doing this?”

  • @CHAZ

    Why do you have problems understanding your own posts? You said that you weren’t going to Celebrity Bitchy. Own it and stop making excuses for yourself.

    This is what you said CHAZ: ” Chaz says: April 10, 2013 at 5:19 pm Reread the posts, I said I was going to checkout dlisted. Also, Ive NEVER said my posts had been deleted. Your reading comprehension hasn’t noticeably improved.”

    I think you are just bitter because the first thing you said, while having sex for the first time was: “Uncledad, are you surrrre we should be doing this?” No wonder you have that abnormal obsession with tampons.

    Thanks for the posts, I’ll send those to Celebrity Bitchy. You have a good time on Celebrity Bitchy. I didn’t think that you would launch another attempt to infiltrate that site today. But then again here you are posting in a Leann Rimes thread yet again.

      • @pikki nikki polka pants

        CHAZ exits and then you show up. I knew you would! So what negative article about Leann is about to hit the internet because the last time you pulled this little stunt it was because Radaronline released a negative article about Leann’s lawsuit against the teacher.

        The Lovely Bones is a GREAT movie, please see it. xo

        Another movie you should see is that independent film Catfish!

      • @CHAZ

        That’s odd because that post was directed to PIKKI NIKKI, not you. So are you admitting that you are PIKKI NIKKI.

      • chaz, it’s a hockey flick, so thinkin’ you’d dig it. “stifler” from american pie is the lead, never was a fan of him UNTIL i saw Goon. now he can do no wrong. there’s a battle scene on the ice with liev schreiber as the villain – fantastic.

      • @PIKKI NIKKI

        Look at the comments CHAZ makes, it’s clear that he isn’t interested in hockey. What grown 50 year old man sits on a site making posts about dirty tampons?

      • we’ll never see eye to eye there, sorry mate. since we’re on the subject of movies, another lesser known that i can highly recommend is Super! just called Super. and it’s grand. kevin bacon, liv tyler, that little woman from Juno, and “dwight” from The Office. liked it so much, i had to buy it.

  • @CHAZ

    Oh look, the 50 year old man who is obsessed with dirty tampons is calling me names because he can’t keep track of his lies. That makes me him the Douche-goon….So why are you upset now? Because I called you out for trolling Celebrity Bitchy today after the tantrum you threw last week when I outted you? Why would you go to that site trolling today? Surely you knew you were going to get called it on it, right?

  • CHAZ

    The creepy 50 year old man who is obsessed with dirty tampons went from name calling to making more posts about a woman’s lady parts. He lives all alone in his mother’s basement, so can you blame him. Why are you throwing a tantrum just because I said something about you trolling Celebrity Bitchy? Yeesh, you really need to do something about your obsession with flap scabs. Speaking of SCABs, I heard you made a lot of these posts on another site!

  • CHAZ is really throwing a tantrum. He trolls Celebrity Bitchy after being called out for trying to do it last week, and now he is upset?

      • @MEH

        So tell us MEH/CHAZ what does trolling means? So now you are going sit here and tell us that trolling doesn’t mean what it means. It’s amazing how you always play dumb when you get caught. You trolled today as MEH and then called on it, you try to tell us that trolling doesn’t mean what it means just like you tried to tell us that wishing isn’t the same thing as asking.

  • @ pikki nikki polka pants

    What’s this? Did you just drag out the other persona NIKKI? I saw Leann tweeting to a person by that name today, was that you? Of course you love “MEH”, everyone knows it’s you. Why not just tell us what negative article is coming out!

    • sorry, no, i don’t tweet or twat or whatever. i’m also not the 1 & only Nikki in the world UNfortunately, so yeah, A for effort there, guest. dude, get THIS: i am ON team brandi! unsure if you were around & lurkin’ when i was bragging about it, but i got to go sit in the audience of Dancing With The Stars and WHO did i sit next to like 5 feet away?…..BRANDI. and girrrrrrl, she was an adorable mother, i have to say. really cute with her kid, the little guy. i’ll spare you the details of her plastic surgery up close, but yeah, i snapped a photo of her & was this close to telling her i’m a fan & to keep fuckin’ up leann. i felt brandi pride in that moment. and i TOTALLY thought of you! aaawww, sweet baby guest. so chill, baby guest.
      gunna be

  • @CHAZ

    Now the 50 year old who loves dirty tampons is back!Ive said it before….. Like Vizzini, CHAZ has a dizzying intellect! At 50 he will still try to tell people that he didn’t say what he said, even when his posts are there in their face to view. He is just mad because I said something about him trolling Celebrity Bitchy and Leann tweeting to a NIKKI today.

  • @pikki nikki polka pants

    wish i could thumbs up these comments…like how you spam Brandi on twitter?

  • @pikki nikki polka pants

    There are a group of Leann fans who go around pretending that they are on team brandi. You know how the saying goes, “if you can’t beat them, join them”. The problem is that these people who claim to be “team Brandi” (YOU) have a very bad habit of attacking other Brandi fans or going berserk when someone says something about Leann that they don’t like. If you are a fan of Brandi’s then chill and stop throwing a tantrum about what people are posting about Leann. It makes it very suspcious when people like you go this crazy telling people when and what they can post about Leann! If you were a true Brandi fan you wouldn’t even care.

    Aren’t you in the UK? I could have thought you said that you were in the UK. So you came to the US just to visit DWTS? How do we know that Leann didn’t send you to DWTS to stalk and harass Brandi, she is already sending her fans to Brandi’s house?

    Try not to be so public with your tweets to Leann, NIKKI!

    You also said that you weren’t

  • i’m in LA. have been for way too long. it took me 20 minutes to get to the studios of DWTS to support my pal who was dancing. just lucky i guess, having sat close enough to the brandster. i totally thought you’d be proud of me; now you’re just making me sad & raining on my parade – why, guest, why? i wouldn’t piss on leann if her bikini was on fire. well at least you know now i’m not chaz, so there’s that. progress. we can do it.

  • @pikki nikki polka pants

    now you’re just making everyone sad because they are raining on you parade – YA, TRUTHHURTS, SELENA? It’s obvious you are a Leann supporter, you even write the same things on herer and Celebrity Bitchy that you post on your “ANDITFEELSLIKEX” twitter account. So there? Just what Leann said when someone on twitter said that Eddie wasn’t home with her because he was out with his mistress. So Leann gives you a script to follow. Progress will come when you learn to accept that people don’t have to write nice things about Leann.

    Now you live in LA? That isn’t what you said before. Why would anyone be proud of you pretending to be a Brandi fan just because you supposedly took a photo of Brandi with her son?

    NIKKI, why do you tweet to Leann?

  • @CHAZ

    I have a feeling you are watching Leann’s career go down the toilet. Leann’s fans have been very agitated this week, what’s going on? After you made a big deal about people posting about Leann, why are you even posting in a Leann thread?

  • Is it just me or is LeeAnn morphing into Brandi? They look more and more alike. Maybe they see the same surgeon? They will be twins by the year 2015.