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Matthew Perry Used To Get Really F-cked Up On Opiates

matthew perry

Matthew Perry has had a tough go of it over the years, what with his drug addiction problems, intermittent weight gain and loss and multiple failed/shitty TV shows (because let’s be honest, he’s Chandler Bing forever and that’s pretty much the end of the road). He didn’t just f-ck around with the tame stuff, either – it was opiates he was after, so that pretty much means he was smoking heroin (I know that’s not the only opiate, but if someone has to refer to them as “opiates”, they’re most likely doing so in lieu of saying the H word) and that shit is no joke.

Speaking at the Clinton Global Initiative University conference, Perry shared the highs and lows of his experience with attendees, saying:

“I was so hooked on opiates,” he explained, “that I couldn’t even leave my bedroom.” (via Neon Tommy)

He went through rehab and got clean, however, and has decided to “live for others” now that he’s not living for the drugs. He even made a rather astute joke about how the only time he got on the cover of People was when he decided to go to rehab. That’s showbiz for ya, kid. Good for him for getting and (sorta) staying sober.

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  • You know what? Matthew Perry is actually a pretty decent tv actor. I watched the only (I think) season of Mr. Sunshine and I actually kind of liked it.

  • He is a solid actor- I know it got canceled after a season, but Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip was a really, really good show.

  • Is that an old picture? He looks like shit!
    But I don’t want people taking my picture on a random run to the store, either.

  • He still gives me a boner…weird… And I believe it was pills he was hooked on; no shmoking of the bad shit.

  • I disagree about the conclusions about the use of the word “opiate” to refer to heroin.

    Usually when I hear someone refer to opiate use (and I live in a location in Canada where use is rampant; I’ve read studies it is the highest Oxy per capita use in the country) they are referring to medicinal opiates (whether they were prescribed them or not).

    I think people become hooked on opiates mostly after legitimate use, or perhaps trying them out. Most people picture people sitting around, zoning out, wasting their lives while injecting heroin, and the image of pill-form opiate use is somewhat different (although I believe the effects are the same). I guess what I’m trying to say is that no one who begins using opiates believes they will end up like a “heroin user”.

    Also, morphine is actually closer to the pill version of heroin (although Oxys are close as well). Heroin is actually a prescribed (!!!!) medication in some countries and is referred to is diamorphine. Heroin is metabolized as morphine by the brain. Crazy.