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Nearly Half Of Justin Bieber’s Twitter Followers Are Fake

justin bieber

Social networking is a great tool to expand your brand and keep in touch with your fans when you’re a big time celeb (or want to be one), so it’s no surprise that mostly everyone in showbiz under the age of 30 is all over Twitter, sharing tidbits about their everyday lives, getting into feuds with fellow artists and/or hateful fans and quite often making us cringe.

When Justin Bieber was named the most followed person on Twitter last year, some people wondered how that could be. Well, I’ll tell you how: nearly half of his followers are from fake accounts. Ta da! Fake accounts are deemed such when they are following fewer than 50 people, have 1 or fewer followers and who have never tweeted. Justin’s fake count clocks in at an impressive 45% – impressively sad, that is.

Check out this infographic (I love infographics!):

justin bieber twitter

Oh, snap! Even Katy Perry and Lady GaGa are doing better than the Biebs. No surprise, of course – you’d have to be a robot (or 12) to think Justin has anything worthwhile to say. He’s the worst. So, what do you say? Do you follow Justin? Which stars DO you follow? Do any of them actually have anything interesting to say?

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  • Everyone I know who uses twitter does it without tweeting (just following comedians and such) therefore they meet these criteria. I would say that this measure of “fake” is inaccurate.

  • I have plenty of fake followers — promo accounts and twitterbots. I don’t follow any celebrities because they’re disappointing. The only one I like is Bret Easton Ellis and Cher. The fake Tilda Swinton account was great, too.

  • Hmmm. By that description, my twitter account is fake. Yet, I feel I should be counted as a real fan of the few celebs I’m following on there. I just happen to use it differently than the teens who spend all day on there yammering about what they ate for lunch.

  • maybe when this obnoxious little twerp is finally able to learn to hitch his baby pantaloons up to a level of decency,his fake fan graph may start to improve……..then again….prolly not!

    • I wonder if he knows about half his following is fake? If someone “forgot” to tell him, we may be witness to a tantrum that will be an all time hissy!!!

  • Oh, I follow Bieber all right, my Twitter name is….


    yup, no more animals PLEASE! JB hsd proven time and again he has the mental and emotional capacity of a 2 yr old when it comes to actually caring for another animal.

    The hamster got handed off and now this precious wild animal, a cappuchin monkey, was left stranded at immigration in germany because Bieiber just grew tired of toting him around and didn’t bother to bring the papers required to tote a WILD ANIMAL

    • join me on twitter at NoMoreAnimals4Bieber and once i get enough folllowers we’ll try and get Bieiber’s attention

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  • this is unfair on Justin i have two twitter accounts and have forgotten the password for one of them and have 1 follower and no posts on the other because i prefer Facebook i’m sure lots of people do this i know lots of my friends do!

    • Dear Rebecca,

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