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Told You So! Brandi Glandville Really Did Sleep with Gerard Butler


bradi glanville gerard butler

Brandi Glanville was shouting her hook-up with Gerard Butler from the rooftops last year, but no one really believed it happened. That is, until now! Gerard has admitted that he did indeed do the dirty with Eddie Cibrian’s ex, and he would have spoken up sooner but he didn’t realise it was her since he didn’t catch her last name when he sneaked out of her condo after their “one afternooner” was done. Ouch. However, Brandi’s not put off by that – instead, she feels “vindicated”!

From US Weekly:

“We had a little texting today, and I think he’s a doll and I feel bad for what I said,” Glanville told Cohen – who previously over shared with the Bravo emcee about her fling with Butler, praising his talents as a lover.

“He is lovely and I appreciate him making it right,” the Drinking and Tweeting author continued.

I don’t even know what to say about this. Gerard Butler has zero standards when it comes to who he sleeps with (then again, the same could probably be said for any woman who sleeps with him) and the fact that this had to be discussed publicly by either of them is just bizarre. Is there anything people won’t share? Oh wait, I forgot who I was talking about.

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