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Taylor Swift Thinks She Might Be Single Forever

Right, let’s just get right into this one: Taylor Swift has a new boyfriend every .5 seconds, but she’s starting to think she may end up being single forever and has no idea if she’ll ever be able to settle down. Speaking as if she’s saying something entirely new for someone in her early 20s, Taylor admitted that she doesn’t really know where she is in life or how she’s feeling at any given time. Yeah, welcome to young adulthood, lady.

From Wonderland:

“I’ve kind of realized that I have no idea where I’m going to be next year, or in six months, or in two months. mean, I know where I’ll be on tour in two months, but no idea where I’m going to be mentally, emotionally, dreams, goals, wishes, hopes.

“I have no idea if I’m going to get married or be single forever or have a family or just be on my own. You know, paint in a cottage by the ocean by myself. I just have no idea and I’m kind of into that.”

Is that going to happen? Most likely not, but if it does? Live it up, girl. There ain’t shit wrong with being on your own and doing your own thing, especially when you’re rich because then you can REALLY do whatever you want in life. Money buys happiness, didn’t you know? (SARCASM ALERT!) I say all this as someone who is happily taken for good, but when I was single, I wasn’t phased by it – nor was I out at clubs or bars looking for anyone else. I was sitting in my living room rolling blunts and watching Total Wipeout, so take that as you will.

Anyway, Taylor needs to realise that she’s young as hell and ain’t nobody trying to get hitched at 23 or 24 or whatever she is. Take time away from boyzzzz to find yourself, girl. You’ll be better for it – and probably a lot less annoying, as well.

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