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Taylor Swift and John John Florence Are the Talk of the Surfing Community

john john florence taylor swift

Some surfer bro called John John Florence (what a dumb name) hinted on Australian TV earlier this week that he’s (not) getting it on with Taylor Swift by saying that he’s “not supposed to comment about that” and that their relationship is “kind of a secret thing going on right now” that he “can’t bust out in the public just yet”. Uh, what? Shut up, John John, you’re annoying me already.

In any case, Taylor’s people have vigorously denied these stories and said there’s no way she’s hooking up with this albino looking motherf-cker.

From E! News:

Rumor has it that the 23-year-old singer recently initiated contact with rather adorable 20-year-old pro surfer and that the pair have been growing closer via text message ever since.

Or not.

Sources assure E! News that “there is no truth to this at all,” and that “Taylor is not dating—or texting—this guy.”

Whatever, maybe she is dating this human Hugga Bunch. I don’t even care anymore. Everyone just do whatever.

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