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James Franco’s Life Is So Hard, Boo Hoo Hoo

james franco

In case you missed the memo, James Franco is a Very Serious Artist, Academic and All-Around Sophisticated Guy. What a catch! You’d think he would be pretty pleased with being such an evolved, accomplished human being, but you’d be wrong because it’s actually super tiring to be so amazing.

Cry us a river, James (from Marie Claire, via DigitalSpy):

“I love the academic world but I also like being silly. When a serious image becomes a part of your life, it [is] draining.

“I guess it comes from wanting people to like you. I don’t know [if I’m liked]. I’ve been involved in projects that people enjoyed, and I’m grateful. But now I feel free to do projects for more artistic reasons.”

I don’t think anyone is assuming that academics lack a sense of humour or that you can’t have both a serious and playful side. If that’s what James Franco thinks, perhaps he’s been smoking a bit too much of the good stuff and the complexity of human personality is lost on him. Also, who in the hell views James Franco as a super serious artist? Anyone? Thought not. Looks like he believes the hype he has tried desperate to create about himself. After all, this is the guy who wore cornrows and simulated oral sex on a gun in Spring Breakers. Not exactly Matisse, is he?

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  • Jennifer you seem genuinely angry at celebs over the most minor things. I don’t think what he said was that ridiculous… lol You need to get guerrilla fucked.

    • Wow…that was an ugly statement. I do have a couple questions though. Do you mean guerrilla, as you might find in the jungles of central and south America? Or gorilla as you might find in Rowanda?