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George Michael Completes Rehab Without Anyone Knowing He Was There To Begin With

george michael

George Michael is a hot, drunk, drug-addicted mess, and while that’s partly why we still love him all these years later, it also is not really a good look for anyone wanting to continue a successful career and be a functioning human being. George himself finally realized this was the case and apparently checked himself to an 8-week rehab program at The Sanctuary in Byron Bay, Australia for “emotional anxiety and a drug disorder”, according to The Daily Telegraph.

The singer was rumoured to be battling a dependency on Valium since undergoing a tracheotomy in 2011 – the surgical remedy to a bout of life-threatening pneumonia that saw doctors put the singer into a medically induced coma for three weeks.

The Sanctuary, reportedly where supermodel Naomi Campbell did a spell in 2006 to overcome her demons, is a $40,000-a-week rehabilitation facility regarded as one of the best in the world.

George’s problems with prescription and recreational drugs have made world headlines since 2006.

Michael’s Australian-Lebanese boyfriend Fadi Fawaz this week denied he and his partner of 18 months have spent time at a Byron Bay rehab centre together. Fawaz, who returned to London two week ago, confirmed he was recently in the country but said he was here to visit his mother, who lives in Queensland and who had recently had an operation.

Michael, who has been inactive on his social network accounts since January, has gone to ground so effectively in recent months that on March 8 his spokesperson was forced to issue a denial that the 49-year-old had died.

Of course, the owner of The Sanctuary refuses to confirm that George was ever in attendance at the facility, since they pride themselves on being one of the most confidential rehab centers in the world, which is good because we don’t want any careless whispers let out… *rips off sunglasses* YEAHHHHHH!

‘Kay, bye.

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