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Halle Berry Is Pregnant At 46

halle berry 46

Halle Berry is expecting her second child with her fiance Olivier Martinez. Some things that we know (thanks to TMZ):

1. The baby is a boy.
2. Olivier Martinez is 47.
3. Halle Berry is 46.

Good for you, Halle Berry. The last big thing we heard from Halle Berry was about that whole weird fight in her driveway between her fiance and Gabriel Aubry.

We also saw her dressed as Tron at the Oscars. TMZ posted of the many photos of her in that dress and commented,

Check out this pic of Halle at the Oscars in late February.  A source connected with the actress tells us Halle was feeling sick and was complaining she had gained a little weight.  We’re told days later she found out she was pregnant.

Yeah, because she looks effing ENORMOUS in that dress. See for yourself:

halle berry pregnant


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  • how many bastard children is she going to have??? doesn’t matter where you are at in life with your boyfriend A bastard child will always be a bastard child. Grow up halle dumbass

  • Having a kid at 46 is selfish, no matter how much money you make. Lets hope that French fuck doesn’t punch out the doctor for looking at halles vagina in the delivery room

  • Well, I don’t know how “selfish” it is to have a baby at 46….I’m not sure what that even means in this context. It’s risky for the baby as far as birth defects and Down’s Syndrome is concerned. Plus,….”bastard”???? Ain’t the kid’s doing. Why stigmatize? I bet most of us don’t have to look too far back in our ancestries to find at least one or two “bastards.”

    • I wouldn’t say it’s straight up selfish, but the kid will have a much older parent (think about that, when the child is 15, they’ll be almost 60) than their peers. It’s not unusual for people to start dying after turning 75, and they’ll turn old with all the illnesses and age-related problems it carries. Plus the likeliness of the child developing, as you said, genetic defects is much higher. As I said I wouldn’t call it selfish but having old parents adds extra problems to growing up.

      • Oh…..don’t say that stuff about people dying after turning 75!!! I’m pretty old myself and I scare easy!

  • Retarded older women getting pregnant and then birth retarded babies…

    Retards gonna retard.

  • I wonder how long after she has this baby she starts accusing the father of being a racist and a woman beater. This chick is a nuttbag that will do and say anything to get her way even use a child against there father. Good luck Oliver you’re in for a loonie ride.

  • Omg people are just haters. Its not like Halle is the first 40 something actress to have a child. She is not the first actress or woman to have a child out of wed lock. As she said the pregnancy was not planned. So you want to hate on her for having a child how is that being selfish. A child is a blessing chill out people. I do work in a doctors office. So I can tell you we have women that are Halle age that have had children. Then are prefectly healthy and if it can help if you take care of yourself. Besides Halle is healthier than alot of women my age so stop being so mean and get a life people