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Kirstie Alley Is Against Anti-Depressants And Feels Bad For God

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Kirstie Alley, super special Scientologist, tweeted against the use of anti-depressants. Guess she’s gotta do something now that there’s a new season of Dancing With The Stars that she’s not on.

John Travolta’s BFF tweeted,

HOW is it legal to INTICE people to down TWO mind altering drugs by using cartoon characters to depict the DRUGS? ABILIFY…Big PHARMA not marketing to youth? ABILIFY… Talking umbrella, cute little smiley pill, while lethal side effects like suicide r rattled off

Yeah, because if there’s anything “youth” are suckers for, it’s cartoon umbrellas.

She goes on:

You can hate me for my viewpoint, but on this it won’t change… some things are just not right… a ‘little bit of slavery’ is not acceptable

I’m getting off here… I’m causing way too much controversy… Ours has become a country of medicos and drugs, but we just keep gettin sicker. Poor God… He sure has his work cut out for him

“OMG, thx Kirstie, gurl u r da best!!!! BFF FOREVER LOL!!” — God.

It’s not a secret that Scientology is anti anti-depressants. Remember when Tom Cruise called Matt Lauer glib, because Tom Cruise insisted he knew the history of psychiatry better than Matt Lauer? Even though Matt Lauer wasn’t even arguing that?

Thanks to Christian Post for combining all of these vomitatious tweets.

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  • Dear Kirstie,

    Thanks for your support. However, there’s two things I think you should know.

    1. “Intice” is not a word.
    2. I know you are condemning the use antidepressants because L. Ron Hubbard (one of many false gods) said all drugs are bad, but did you know he died of a drug overdose? You have an internet connection; use it.

    Yours Truly,

  • Oh the sins of “mind altering” drugs! I feel the same way about “mind altering” religion! Control is control. There are meds that save lives and save sanity. And there are those who have been saved from terrible things by religion. The thing one needs to remember is that WE must stay in control. The consequences are for bad when one abuses drugs (see Lohan, Love, etc.) and abuses religion (see Cruise, Alley, Travolta, etc., etc.). Sanctimonious nutbag.

  • As stupid as Scientology is, it’s not like these drug companies are innocent. I don’t think what she said is that outragious, and I’ve heard plenty of non-scientologists say similar things.

  • I keep forgetting how pretty she used to be. While she’s nuts about the Scientology she’s right on the mark with psych drugs. Those drugs are regularly getting recalled for safety issues. I’m not taking anything that says on the label that it might cause me to kill myself or murder someone else. No thank you.
    Just search the words “Astra Zeneca lawsuits” and settle in for a long read.

  • Wasn’t she a huge druggie in the 80’s? (coke, lsd …. ) It’s actually shocking that that was what she looked like compared to the skanky beast she is now