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Stuff That Doesn’t Make Sense: Beyoncé And Andre 3000 To Cover Amy Winehouse For Great Gatsby Soundtrack

amy winehouse

Beyoncé and Andre 3000 are finally going to improve F. Scott Fitzgerald’s turdfest The Great Gatsby by giving us the extreme pleasure of covering the arguably better artist/songwriter Amy Winehouse for the film’s latest adaptation. Having Beyoncé and 1/2 of Outkast cover Winehouse is definitely what makes the most sense in capturing the roaring 20’s and Fitzgerald’s vision of the jazz age.

From E Online,

E! News can exclusively reveal that the “Single Ladies” hitmaker has teamed up with Andre 3000 for a duet of the late singer’s “Back to Black” for the soundtrack of the upcoming remake of The Great Gatsby.

Jay-Z is producing the soundtrack, which will be released by Interscope Records. “It’s a very different take on ‘Back to Black,'” a record company source said.

By different I am going to assume that they mean crappier.

I like Beyoncé. I like Andre 3000. I like Jay-Z. It isn’t that. And I love Amy Winehouse. I like all of these people and ideas as separate things. I don’t understand why you would throw all of this together, especially for the flailing Great Gatsby film that was supposed to come out last year. Why not just use Winehouse’s original? Or have Beyoncé write her own damn song? Why even use this song, which is so great on its own?

I don’t even know why this is making me so mad. I think because it just doesn’t make any sense to me. And when I don’t understand things I turn into Derek Zoolander: “WHAT IS THIS, A CENTER FOR ANTS?!”

It’s been rumored that Lana Del Rey is also working on a song for The Great Gatsby. Luhrmann is so style over substance, maybe even more than Wes Anderson. Both dudes love their soundtracks and their chosen color palettes above anything else.