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Kirsten Dunst Makes Gang Signs For A Magazine Cover

kirsten dunst

Kirsten Dunst, AKA Kiki-D, did a weird photo shoot for Bullett Magazine. The accompanying article, titled “Kirsten Dunst, In Defiance of Gravity” dubbed her “America’s Edgiest Sweetheart.” Uh. Okay.

From Bullett:

Kirsten Dunst stands beneath a spotlight wearing a fringed Rodarte leather jacket that would look more at home on a Hells Angel than a movie star. Her fingers are twisted to read “blood,” and her side- swept blond hair exposes a dragon-shaped cuff adorning the perimeter of her left ear. When someone dares to suggest that it might be too much—making a gang sign for a fashion magazine—Dunst drops her runway-ready pout. “Come on, guys,” she says. “Let’s make this controversial. Let’s sell magazines!”

The actress, who, at 30, has both box-office appeal and indie clout, was born to werk it.

She’s been the object of national attention since age 11, when she held her own against Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise in Interview with the Vampire. She’s since cemented her A-list status, not only by balancing commercial work with independent fare, but also by injecting Hollywood blockbusters with art-house talent has attracted some of the great auteurs of our time: Sofia Coppola, Michel Gondry, and Lars von Trier. In the process, she’s become America’s edgiest sweetheart.

Is Kirsten Dunst “america’s edgiest sweetheart”? What do you think? I don’t know if I’d call her “America’s edgiest sweetheart” but I certainly WOULND’T call her one of the least sexiest actresses in Hollywood.

Check out the rest of the spread. She usually gives great photo shoot but I don’t like this one.

Kiki-D: born to werk it, never forget.


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  • 2nd pic’s giving me Debbie Harry vibes! And I’m OK with that. I can dig on her all because of Drop Dead Gorgeous, what a great movie.

  • It could be a mudra…but I don’t know which one. It’s a gang sign? She looks UGLY in those pics. Yick!

  • I’m into the aesthetic of the shoot, and the gang sign thing I’ll excuse because I have three younger sisters who did this exact thing in photos for my wedding. White girls. Nothing you can do. I will agree with her edgy definition as well. She is way edgier than that insect Rooney Mara, or the pegboard Kristen Stewart. She kissed Brad Pitt when she was 11. CASE CLOSED.

    • Yeah, but I imagine your sisters weren’t high profile stars. All it takes is some young Crip to take offense to her “art statement”. As we have firmly established on this site, the only thing dumber than Justin Bieber, is teenagers.

      • Having known someone who is doing 10 years in the Virginia state prison system because he was in some idiotic “gang”, Kirsten needs to be slapped upside the head for glamorizing criminals.