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64-year-old Steven Tyler Thinks 23-year-old Taylor Swift Is “Hot”

Ain’t shit wrong with dating someone older or younger than yourself, but there are (or should be) laws of decency when it comes to commenting on someone’s physical assets… especially when the one doing the commenting is a 64-year-old man and the person he’s talking about is a 23-year-old (possibly virginal, LOLZ) girl. Then it’s more than a little creepy. Steven Tyler does nothing if not embody that word, though, because he’s revealed that he thinks Taylor Swift is “hot” and he’d love to work with her. Oh, I bet he would.

From US Weekly:

Responding to a fun question about who he’d intern for, the 64-year-old rock legend said, “She’s blonde with all the hits. Taylor Swift. She’s hot.”

“More than that, she’s beyond talented,” he continued of the Grammy-winning singer-songwriter, 23. “I have to write a song with her.”

I love that even US Weekly has to try to frame it as a “fun question”. But there’s nothing fun about being hit on by a dude old enough to be your grandfather and this is something Steven made a habit of back on American Idol, as well. Hello, does anyone remember the whole Shannon Magrane fiasco? She was only 15 when he referred to her as “hot” in front of her dad. Tone it down, bro.

Anyway, I think luckily, this is one bit of fan mail that will be headed straight for the garbage, if you feel me.

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  • Have you learned nothing about Taylor Swift? She’s only interested in the wrong kind of men. Steven Tyler’s fanmail would probably be the only one she’d keep.

  • He only said she was “hot”. That could refer to her career. It doesn’t necessarily mean that he is wanting to bone her, right?!

  • He tries to bone all the 18 to 25 year olds..They call him “Liverlips” In all media. He got rejected by a bunch at VIP parties. It was 8 months ago they wrote about it.Quote” Nobody wants liverlips ooh thats gross” said Enews.