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Sofia Coppola’s The Bling Ring Teaser Is Out!

emma watson the bling ring

Sofia Coppola, on her quest to make as many films about overprivileged white people as possible, gives us the teaser trailer for The Bling Ring. The film, starring Emma Watson, is based on the true story about a group of young people in LA who routinely “go shopping” (steal) from celebrities’ homes. As the trailer shows, one of their targets is Paris Hilton. (It’s set in 2008). Damn, five years is a huge time jump when you’re Paris Hilton. Mercifully, she is not in the film itself.

Will YOU see The Bling Ring?

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  • “…on her quest to make as many films about overprivileged white people as possible…” = the truthiest truth to ever make its way to evilbeet. I applaud you.

  • It’s not as though Sofia Coppola is not aware of this trend in her films. They say to write what you know, and that’s her approach to film. What makes her films amazing is the way that she always makes such people relatable and human for the audience. I think Somewhere was better than Lost in Translation and the most beautiful film I saw in 2011.

    • I kind of sort of agree with you. I wanted to blow her off as a brat profitting from nepotism…until I saw the Virgin Suicides. Yeah, she grew up with $$$$, a genius father and a very talented aunt, but that doesn’t exempt a person from being gifted…although many people THINK it should.

  • I love Sofia Coppola movies and I love Emma Watson, so yes I’ll watch it. If it weren’t for one or both of those names though, the subject matter would be so utterly uninteresting to me that I wouldn’t bother.