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LeAnn Rimes Isn’t Going To Apologize Anymore, So Get Over It

Poor, poor LeAnn Rimes. All she does is get bullied and shit upon and no one will leave her alone. Well, guess what! She’s not having it anymore. No sir, she won’t apologise and feel bad for breaking up a family and being a total prick about it. No more! The phoenix will rise from the ashes once more!

From Metro:

Did you feel a need to explain yourself?
You’ve done a lot of frank US TV interviews recently… Yes. People have been judging me, so I felt a need to explain and apologise, which I’ve done many times. Now I no longer feel that need. I’m happy and happily married and have a wonderful family. I’m living life as best I can – but I’m not exempt from failure and making bad choices.

You’ve been written about extensively in the US tabloids for three years since you got together with your husband. Has the coverage worn you down?
It has been an ongoing story for them. At least I sell magazines for them – I guess that’s the positive – but it’s involved some very wrong information. Sometimes I comment on it, sometimes I don’t. They’re going to write what they want to write anyway. I just read I bathe in Evian water – some of the stories are so insane. I try to let it roll off my back but it’s gone on for a long time. I have a talent, I can sing. I don’t earn my money from trying to hurt people or get in the tabloids.

Girl, we know you don’t bathe in Evian because that shit is expensive and you’re broke enough to need to sue your dentist over those chicklet teeth of yours. Second of all, you know you love every second of the press you get for Eddie and Brandi – otherwise, your ass would’ve been out of the news years ago and stayed there for good, because God knows that voice (which was average at best to begin with) is not what it once was. You need to sit down.

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  • “At least I sell magazines for them – I guess that’s the positive – but it’s involved some very wrong information.”

    That explains why Leann and Eddie are on the main cover of every tabloid each and every week and why People magazine gave Leann and Eddie the main cover for their wedding and engagement. Oh wait. The last time I saw Leann on the main cover of a tabloid it had Brandi on it and it was because Leann tried to justify her affair with Eddie by claiming that Brandi cheated on Eddie first. Didn’t the EIC of Shape magazine send out an email to it’s readers apologizing for putting Leann on their cover because they received too many customer complaints and “cancel my subscription” notices? But Leann sells magazines? The best way for Leann to cope with the stories these tabloids are putting out about her (at her request of course) is for Leann to stop feeding the tabloids the stories. She is so desperate for attention that she puts out crazy stories about herself just so that she can deny it.

    If Leann doesn’t earn her money from trying to hurt people or get in the tabloids, then why did she release Borrowed or sue Brandi’s dentist? Or have lunch with a certain blog owner last week-even going so far as to buy this particular blog owner lamb, tweet on the twitter page for the site, and then use the blog owner’s iphone to take photos of herself?

  • she is a home wrecking typical women that try to make it everyone else fault not her… If she care any about children she would of left eddie alone to raise his children with his first most precious wife MS. BRANDY SHE IS A GOOD WOMEN…EDDIE WHAT WERE YOU THINKING… OH WELL YOUR LOST BUDDY GUESS YOU ARE AS MUCH OF A BUTT HOLE AS THEY SAY YOU ARE…..GOOD LUCK WITH THAT….