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LeAnn Rimes Is Suing Over Her Botched Teefs

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LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian must’ve emptied the last bit of change out of his kids’ piggy banks in the last few days, because LeAnn’s filing a lawsuit for dental malpractice which took place over the past three years.

From TMZ:

In the lawsuit… obtained by TMZ… Rimes claims she went to Dr. Duane C. McKay for various dental work over 3 years. Some of the work included upper front veneers and crowns that the dentist promised would address her TMJ-related pain as well as improve her appearance.

Rimes claims rather than helping, the dentist messed her mouth up bad, causing tremendous pain and bleeding. Back in October, she tweeted, “I feel like I got hit in my right side of my face with a baseball bat.”

Rimes says she’s had to undergo 9 root canals and bone grafting. She’s also had a temporary bridge and needed physical therapy as well.

Rimes says in the suit she will have a “permanent cosmetic deficiency.”

Rimes says the dental work is so bad it has been screwing with her career … impeding her ability to perform.

In her malpractice lawsuit, LeAnn is seeking unspecified damages for physical, emotional and psychiatric injuries. She also wants money for loss of past and future earnings.

Alright, let’s break it down for this idiot, whose “past and future earnings” are compromised for reasons that are entirely her own. Things she’s been doing besides singing:

– Showing up drunk on national TV performances

– Wearing bikinis and pretending not to notice paparazzi to concentrate on your voice

Giving Eddie sex whenever he wants it (gag me)

– Spending three years on dental work for teeth that weren’t jacked to begin with

– Filing frivolous lawsuits like this

Shall I continue? I don’t think so. No one’s arguing that dental issues aren’t serious – I’m the biggest wuss when it comes to toothaches and the like – but I gotta ask, what the hell took you so long to file this lawsuit, and why did you continue to go to the same dentist for THREE YEARS if he was f-cking up your grill so bad? It just doesn’t add up. It’s not like she was on some Walmart PPO plan and had to stick to this one dude despite the horrors he was performing on her mouth (shh – don’t go there). My guess is she realised no one wants to book her ass to do anything and she’s trying to make an easy buck because she’s broke. After all, swimwear doesn’t pay for itself.

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  • Believing that crowns and veneers are going to improve your TMJ are like believing that a new windshield will improving your car’s alignment. You’ve got to be seriously stupid. There is no way that her dentist tried to pull this one over on her. She is not going to win this. She is an idiot and was not listening.

  • Even if any of this horse shit were true, she signed a disclaimer . I just had a root canal yesterday and signed one. Anyway… It would be great if see won a suit like this because she wouldn’t be able to perform anymore ! A girl can dream…

  • What took Leann so long to sue the dentist?

    Leann and Eddie just moved into a new mansion and from the looks of it, Leann doesn’t have the finances to pay for that mansion.

    Brandi’s book. Leann can’t sue Brandi because Brandi and people have been making a big deal about her doing just that. So what does a famewhore do? Sue someone close to Brandi. If the media did their homework, they would have noticed that this dentist was orginally Brandi’s dentist.

  • Physical therapy? That girl gets plenty of exercise flapping her jaw.

    Maybe they should try wiring her mouth shut?