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Eddie Cibrian Is Spending All of LeAnn’s Money

A photo of LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian

I know that this is really hard to believe, because Eddie Cibrian just seems like such a kind, upstanding person, but that’s the rumor: since he’s not not making all that much money these days, he’s just spending LeAnn‘s money for her. And not even in a “what’s mine is yours” way, but more in a “hey, I know I’m going to make you totally broke, but I really wanted this solid gold pizza cutter” way.”

From Star via Celebitchy:

LeAnn Rimes hasn’t had much success with buying love from her worst critics, but friends close to LeAnn say that when it comes to her husband, Eddie Cibrian, LeAnn is attempting to buy his loyalty – and the bills are starting to mount!

“Eddie spends LeAnn’s money at an alarming rate!” an insider tells Star. “He acts like it’s unlimited; he doesn’t even care. He buys whatever he wants, no matter how extravagant it is. The way he sees it is, he supports LeAnn in everything she does, so it’s only fair that he gets to buy himself treats.”

Eddie’s appetite runs deep when it comes to creature comforts. Since their 2011 marriage, she’s bought him expensive vacations to Mexican resorts, Rolex and Cartier watches, and she stands idly by while he splurges not only on himself but on her – including that five-carat, $85,000 engagement ring.

“Eddie will buy LeAnn gifts with her own money, but she doesn’t care… it’s a great excuse for her to show off to everyone and act like Eddie takes care of her.”

LeAnn’s accountant has repeatedly warned her that Eddie’s spending is out of control, but she just turns a blind eye, terrified that one false move will cause Eddie to leave her for another woman – just like he did to Brandi Glanville.

“He could bring them to the brink of bankruptcy, and she still wouldn’t say anything,” the source says.

LeAnn’s erratic behavior continues to baffle those around her – the day after Christmas, while passing through LAX, she became so incensed at a photographer who asked her about her X Factor performance that she jumped into an elevator without her 9-year-old stepson.

“It was creepy,” said an eyewitness. “One second she was smiling and happy, the next she was absolutely furious.”

It was exactly that kind of outburst that may already be hurting her work. Once worth an estimated $38 million, an insider says she has “nowhere near” that now. “Her career isn’t working out the way she hoped, so she’s doing all these little shows here and there to try to raise funds,” says an insider. “She even sold her Tennessee mansion in March for $3.35 million less than it was listed for, because she needs the money.”

And what about Eddie’s career? It’s at a virtual standstill He was cast as the lead in The Playboy Club last year, only to see it quickly cancelled due to abysmal ratings; though he’s scheduled to appear in the upcoming Tyler Perry flick Single Moms Club, there’s not much else on the horizon.

With two expensive lifestyles being supported by virtually one income, there’s pressure on LeAnn to keep earning.

“Deep down, she knows she can only keep Eddie if she’s rich,” says the insider. “Once the money goes, so does he.”

Oh, LeAnn.

What makes a woman want to stay with a dude like Eddie, or even get with him in the first place? It’s because she thought she could change him, right? Or that she’d be the one that was different, the one that would make him happy. Or maybe it’s just plain old delusion: nothing’s wrong, so what’s everyone’s problem? Whatever it is, I hope LeAnn can reevaluate her life before she loses all her “How Do I Live?” money. This girl is sad enough as it is, I don’t want her to be broke, too.

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  • I don’t even know why this comes as surprise to Radaronline. When she told her fans that she was giving Dave a 5 day trip to Cabo for his “birthday”, Radaronline should have gotten the clue that Eddie is just using Leann for her money.

    I also think that Leann has already hit that financial wall. It explains why she made up with her dad. She is using her father’s bank account to support her gigolo and his mistress and keep him and his mistress in their lavish lifestyle. If you saw the music video they are using for “Borrowed” it’s obvious that she is in trouble.

    At first I thought that it was about Eddie, but Leann’s need to constantly taunt Brandi makes me think that it’s about Brandi. Leann wants everything that is Brandi’s-her friends, her husband, her kids, her clothes, her tweets, WWHL, and etc…

    • Sure.. because Leann woke up one morning and vowed to steal everything that belonged to a complete stranger just because she was bored and felt like it.. Obviously she fell in love with this guy and the two of them enjoy the attention that comes from it and want to be in the media and stay relevant so they use the drama to their advantage because they see how Brandi lashes out, which in turn creates some juicy gossip and makes people like you care way too much about other people’s bullshit family drama.. They obviously make money off this shit, they sell stories to media outlets so the people who get all worked up over their personal life who also claim to hate them are the same people helping them make money..

      If no one cared or commented about these three dumbasses then I doubt they’d even be reported.. There’s so much better gossip out there whyyyyy do we have to be subjected to these never ending drama seeking D-listers?

      • Says the person who just took the time and energy to write 3 posts on this site, 2 of which consisted of long paragraphs trying to tell other posters what they can and can not comment on. So are you not doing exactly what you are trying to lecture me on? You obviously care way too much about other people’s bullshit and what they are posting about Leann, hence why you keep coming back each and every thread with a different name to write the same “why do you care” post.

        If Leann fell in love with Eddie, she wouldn’t spend all her time taunting and single white femaling Brandi. Obviously Leann isn’t making as much money as she likes because you wouldn’t be here trying to do damage control because someone pointed out that the object of Leann’s desire is Brandi.

        A word of advice, PLEASE practice what you preach. If there is so much better gossip out there, why are you even here posting and reading the comments in the first place? You make a comment about how if no one cared then it wouldn’t be reported, yet here you are doing exactly what you are arguing against.

        So you are basically upset because I said that Leann wanted Brandi and her life. And you think that writing a post telling people to focus on gossip that is much more better will stop the talk?

  • Knowing that Eddie’s ex-mistress is going to be on RHOBH and SUR tonight is getting to Leann. So what does Leann do to make herself feel better? Taunt Brandi with her own kids. Knowing how much Brandi dislikes her tweeting and posting photos of her children and how Brandi reacted when photos of her kids were included in Leann’s interview with E!, Leann posts a twitpic of a phone case that photos of Brandi’s kids. Leann’s fans thought this phone case with the photos of Brandi’s kids was inappropriate and out line, and told Leann so. Leann threw a fit writing that she loves the kids and that people don’t have a right to comment on her intentions behind the phone case with the photos of Brandi’s kids on it because they don’t know her. When a mother asks a GROWN ADULT to stop posting photos of her kids to twitter and then that GROWN ADULT designs a phone case with photos of the kids in question and then tweets photos of the phone case, what other intention is there? If Leann loves the kids like she claims in her tweet, why would she even go there with the phone case with the photos of them?

    • it is right. and interesting.if she ask her to not post kids photos on twitter she should understand. that is bad to do. every one should ask for mom and dad before think of doing it. its bad to post photos with not having permission first.

  • What will be Leann’s damage control tonight and tomorrow now that millions of people have seen or are watching Brandi and Scheana’s talk on RHOBH?

    Scheana’s talk with Brandi on RHOBH was so hard to watch because Eddie’s cheating was much worse than what everyone thought. Now all Eddie and Leann’s pda photo-ops in Cabo should make so much more sense to the media. How does the media look at Eddie’s marriage to Leann and honestly think that he is being faithful to Leann? The grossiest thing about Eddie is that he took Scheana to the same places where he took Brandi and now that he upgraded to Leann’s bank account, Leann takes him to the places where he took Brandi and Scheana. Shouldn’t Eddie be creating new memories with Leann? Why is his entire relationship with Leann built on something from his marriage to Brandi and affair with Scheana? How can Leann go to Mammoth knowing that it’s the same place he took Scheana?

    Leann’s first line of damage control: “I love my hubby “the national championship game is on right now!!” Kids running around in onesies, b ball and hummus…good night”

    Poor Leann. Eddie can’t dry her tears because he is too busy hooking up with Lizzy, oops I mean, “watching” the game. Isn’t Eddie a “loving and supporting” husband, so wouldn’t he pick Leann ove the game? Oh wait, that was the lie that Leann told E!.

    • Get over it girl, no one cares what Leann thinks or does with Eddie or how it makes Brandi feel or how this one will feel or what that one will do now that Brandi knows the Leann knows that Eddie may or may not be cheating with that one .. CHRIST

      • Strange because if no one cares “what Leann thinks or does with Eddie or how it makes Brandi feel or how this one will feel or what that one will do now that Brandi knows the Leann knows that Eddie may or may not be cheating with that one” you wouldn’t have taken the time and energy to write to a “get over it girl” post! The fact that you made a post defeats your purpose. Think about it. You clicked on the article. Read my post. Wrote a response to my post. Clicked the submit button. And then re-read your post to me 50 times. So if you are going to pull the “get over it girl” card, at least be smart enough to practice what you preach!

  • Yo, why is that everyime there is an article about Leann on this website “guest” or “Anonymous” always posts some long winded personal rant against Leann?? Does someone semi famous or one of Brandi’s friends read this site? Because it always seems like this person takes this shit way too personal and has to either clear stuff up on Brandi’s part or let us all know about what’s going on in Leann’s “pathetic” little head, it’s kind of weird. This person comes off as more than a casual reader, some of the comments, accusations and theories seem like inside knowledge if you ask me.. I’ve notice this for some time now and I keep waiting to see if it’ll keep happening and it does .. Idk .. something is definitely going on here..

    Anyone else think this?

    • Hi CAS/CHAZ!

      Every week you come back with a different name!

      Yo, why is that everytime there is an article about Leann on this website “guestjr”, “Anonamonn”, “excuses imposter”, or “Anonymous” always posts long winded personal rants against anyone who doesn’t like Leann? Does someone semifamous or one one of LeAnn friends read this site? Because it always seems like this person(who is going by the name of ANONAMONN now) takes this shit way too personal and has to either clear stuff up on Leann’s part or boo hoo because people dared to comment on what’s going on in Leann’s “pathetic” little head, it’s kind of weird. This is a message board and comment section, right? And the article is about Leann, right?

      This “Anonamonn” person comes off as more than a casual reader, some of the comments, accusations and theories seem like inside knowledge if you ask me.. I’ve notice this for some time now and I keep waiting to see if it’ll keep happening and it does .. Idk .. something is definitely going on here..

      Anyone else think this?

      • Fuck you, you vapid cunt….. With the exception of using the nic “guestlover” once, I use this nic…. These ppl are right, you’re a kook. Either Leann has wronged you somehow, borrowed money, or you’re making a “skin suit”… Whatever has contributed to your obsession with her. Goofy twat!

    • @Anonamonn

      Isn’t this the very same thing you said on The Superfical when you were stalking that one poster and accused that poster of being Brandi because you just couldn’t stand the fact that she wasn’t writing nice things about Leann?

    • I wouldn’t have heard of any of them if it weren’t for gossip sites. Is Eddie the kind of man who marries women with money? Does he work at all?

  • No wonder someone is in such a frenzy today! Yesterday, I asked what Leann’s damage control would be since millions of people watched Brandi and Scheana’s talk on RHOBH.

    Leann’s 2nd line of damage control: “Pretty day in Cali! Going to sushi w/ my man for lunch!”

    So Leann is going to set up a “Eddie isn’t cheating because he holds my hand as we walk through the parking lot” staged photo-op with AKM-GSI or x17 or she is going to pay People magazine/The Dailymail to write a “Eddie and Leann couldn’t keep their hands off of one another while at lunch” fluffpiece.

  • @CHAZ

    You can always tell when CHAZ is guilty because he shows up in full force with the name calling.

    Says the person who requested a photo of a dirty tampon, who kept writing “I love guest” posts using the name of GUESTLOVER, and who submitted a comment about me for The Caption This contest! You used the name of GUESTLOVER, so you can’t get mad because people think that you are using even more names. The only kook is you! You keep doing stupid stuff and then when you get called out for it, you play the victim. You are just mad because your schemes keep backfiring against you.

      • Why do you resort to the “paranoid” card when you get caught? You already admitted to posting as GUESTLOVER, and you just can’t understand why anyone would think you are using even more names? It’s odd that you go back to old behaviors after you place 3rd in the most recent Caption This contest.

  • Leann’s 3rd and 4th line of damage control: retweeting photos from her staged pda bikini/boat photoshoot with AKM-GSI and then claiming that she had no idea that the photo even existed and then tweeting this: “I’m so in love with all the boys in my life and there’s several, lucky woman…. 2il ones, my hubby, my dad, bonus dad & father in law :)”

    If she were a lucky woman she wouldn’t have to pay AKM-GSI or Fame/Flynet for staged “happy family” photo-ops. So it looks like Leann set up a combination of staged photo-ops on Tuesday: Lunch date with Eddie, Shopping, Dinner with Eddie and his kids.

    And for someone who claims that she loves her stepsons, she is still tweeting about them out of spite, still trying to punish Brandi because she can’t deal with the fact that Eddie is a cheater.

  • Who he reminds me of is an aging gigolo trying to hang on to young, rich women to live off of them. Really creepy and slimy looking.

  • Wow, why read the orginal post, when you can find out everything to the minuest detail about Leann, Eddie and the rest of it from guest’s rants? Hell, I even get updates about gossip from other sites reading guest’s posts, lol. Obsess much???

    • This is what I mean. Cran Apple Snapple shows up to write a “ban guest” post and then all of a sudden this site is crawling with posters like bonnakins!

      But you don’t post on other sites remember, just here and on AG! How much more do we learn about Leann and Eddie from your rants, seriously I even get updates about your stalking and harassment of others from other sites regarding your posts! Obsess much!

  • @Bonnakins

    Back away from the computer crazy person, seriously, you need a break, lol.

    Am I surprised that “CHAZ/CAS/pikki nikki polka pants” have resurfaced, doing the very same thing they did in Nov? No not at all. Brandi and Scheana had a talk on Monday’s episode of RHOBH and every since then, Leann has been on twitter going hard at Brandi. Oh did I forget to mention, Leann did set up a staged photo-op. Only it caused people to make fun of her even more.

      • Sorry man…. You got caught in up in the whirlwind that is hurricane guest. She probably thought you were me….

      • @CHAZ

        Strange. Why does bonnakins show up just a few min before CAS/CHAZ makes a post?

        Sorry to anyone from and excuses, who got caught in up in the whirlwind that is hurricane CAS/CHAZ. He came in 3rd for The Caption This contest! He probably thought thost people he was stalking was me….

      • Howdy, Chaz! And for the record, I am not typing to myself as guest implies, ha. OK age/sex/location check, you guys! My name is Nikki for reals (no hiding here), I’m 32 years old & living a very busy life in California, no time for strange internet games, however I do make time to read the insanity that is Leann Rimes posts OF course. She sucks, it’s true, we see eye to eye there, “guest”! But I read this shit for the comedy factor & easy entertainment after a grueling day of hard work & seriousness. Commenting on douchey celebs can be a good time when chilling out – now I KNOW y’all know what I’m talking about. So kick back, guest. I come in peace.

  • Leann is on the warpath. She has been making passive aggressive digs at Brandi all day long on twitter and now she is doing it via her staged photo-ops. She set up a staged photo-op with AKM-GSI wearing a shirt with an angelfish on it because Brandi called her an angelfish in the tweet that she sent to Eddie back in Nov. The question is why is Leann bringing this all up now? I knew that she was going to flip out over Brandi and Scheana’s talk, but I was expecting it to be like this. She is really losing it. Which explains…I knew that something was up when poster showed up.

  • @ pikki nikki polka pants

    Leann must be in some mjaor trouble because you are pulling out all of your personalities! Are you laughing? Because what everyone else sees is you having a major breakdown!

  • @CHAZ

    Of course you are “laughing your balls off”…once again why do all these “different” people show up when you do?

  • @meh

    Well CHAZ did tell someone(who called him creepy after he attacked that poster) in the Selena Gomez thread that he was here back when this site was first was born, which explains a lot.

    CHAZ also admitted to posting as GUESTLOVER, so you can’t get mad when people question if he is responsible for the other posters. He has quite the vendetta against me, which is evidenced by the fact that he uses Caption This to fuel that vendetta. Since he is obsessed enough to keep submitting comments about me for Caption This, even after he was slammed when he did this once before, then you know that he will do anything.

    How did “CAS” know to come back here and make posts since she claims she hasn’t posted on this site since November? CHAZ is using words in his posts that CAS made on The Superficial to the poster she was stalking.

    Check out ANONAMONN’s post. I used ANONYMOUS(I hit submit before I put in my name) in the thread where CHAZ submitted a post about me for Caption This. So that means that ANONAMONN has to be someone who posted in that thread. The only one in that thread throwing a trantrum was CHAZ.

    Something definately isn’t right about this CHAZ person. Obviously I struck a nerve because he keeps getting worse!

  • Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. You can always tell when a really negative article about Leann is about to come out! Today, Radaronline released an article about how Eddie tried to hook up with Scheana after he was supposed to be so commited to Leann and several media outlets are picking up the story.

    Leann’s response to Radaronline’s story about Eddie hooking up with Scheana: “We are living in the present, focusing on the future and not wallowing in a past that didn’t even happen. So here’s to a fab day!” “…we’ve been living new beginnings for a long time now and have many more great ones to come! Love you”

    If Leann is leaving in the present/focusing on the future/not walling in the past, then how does she explain her album, “Borrowed”, and the video that she submitted for “Borrowed” to CMT last week? If she wasn’t walling in the past, then why did she tweet photos of her candy drawer and then wear a angelfish shirt to the gym in response to a comment that Brandi made a month ago? Based on her staged photo-ops with AKM-GSI, she hasn’t been living new beginnings for a long time.

  • @pikki nikki polka pants

    What’s funny? Posters who say one thing and then act confused when people won’t believe a thing they say. Take here pikki nikki polka pants who has made several posts about how she is so above it all…

    No time for strange internet games, however I do make time to read the insanity that is CAS/CHAZ/pikki nikki polka pants
    posts OF course. Because when you see these names out in full force in these Leann threads, then you know that things are extremely bad for Leann. I should have known by it’s presence that the cheating article was coming out on Thursday.

    And yet you take this so seriously that you name call because you didn’t get your way. CHAZ, uses Caption This as a platform for his vendetttas, so that is clearly a sign that he isn’t here for fun. Commenting on douchey celebs can be a good time when chilling out, but as we can see CAS/CHAZ/pikki nikki polka pants go nuts when they are not allowed to control what everyone is posting.

    So kick back, pikki nikki polka pants. If you came in peace, none of these posts that you have been making since the weekend would even exist.

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