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Is Mary-Kate Engaged Or Married?

mary-kate olsen olivier sarkozy

Mary-Kate Olsen, 26, is often seen being cuddly and gross with her 43 year-old boyfriend, Olivier Sarkozy, but could they be engaged? OR EVEN MARRIED? Probably not, I think people just want an excuse to post these hilariously awkward photos of the seemingly mismatched couple.

Huffington Post reported the sighting of a gold ring on her left ring finger. She also has a gold ring on the other hand. Let’s take a look.

mary-kate ring marriage engagement

Yes, from this angle this photo is definite proof that Mary-Kate Olsen looks like she is about to make out with a warped Tom Hanks.

Huffpo adds,

Before you start freaking out at the idea of Michelle Tanner getting married (!), remember that we’ve been here before: In January, photographers spotted “Markozy” shopping at a jewelry store in Paris then spied Olsen with a ring on her left-hand ring finger. Alas, her rep told The Huffington Post that the despite the bling, the couple is not engaged.

So basically, thanks for NOTHING, Huffpo.

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  • Is he wildly successful? Was that blind a while back about her & him? Jeepers creepers is all I’ve got… Yikes.